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SDK and SDK Support

Celestial's Software Development Kit

CSSDK is Celestial's Software Development Kit for programming applications on Celestial's DTV and media processing SoC chipsets. The SDK is designed for software developers and system designers to design DTV or multimedia application software and hardware systems.

The following diagram in Figure 1 illustrates Celestial Semi's basic hardware configuration and data flow.

Figure 1:Block diagram of hardware functions related to CSSDK

Block diagram of hardware functions related to CSSDK

The CSSDK supports C/C++ programming language programming tools. It provides an easy and effective interface to process DTV or multimedia tasks based on Celestial's platform for an application software developer. The CSSDK is designed to support all current and future Celestial Semi DTV and media processing SoCs and hardware platforms with consistent function calls. Effectively, applications can be migrated to different hardware platforms for cost reduction or feature and performance upgrade purposes without having to change software design. Programmers will have a common view of coding common tasks such as opening the device, passing down a configuration to device, starting a device read/write, etc. The architecture is illustrated in Figure 2.

Figure 2:Architectural block diagram of CSAPI tool kit

Architectural block diagram of CSAPI tool kit

Media Processing Socs Platform

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