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Cavium’s Media Processor family provide highly integrated and feature rich solutions for World Wide retail and operator Set Top Box markets. They integrate all the major features required to build highly cost effective products including ARM CPU's, 2D/3D Graphics, Transport Processor, Multi-standard audio and video decoders and support worldwide Conditional Access and Digital Rights Management standards.

Cavium’s Media Processor can be used in a wide variety of Set Top Box applications including

  • IPTV products for Operator and Retail OTT Market
  • Basic and Interactive High Definition Cable Set Top Box’s
  • Hybrid broadcast plus OTT products with and without Digital Video Recording


Some of the Key benefits of Cavium’s Media Processor solutions include

• Integrated H.264 video encoder
This unique feature allows Hybrid Terrestrial Set Top Box products to be designed so that they can support recording of analog programming providing the consumer the ability to have seamless recording for legacy broadcasts and High Definition video content.

Additionally, Cable and IPTV products can be developed to offer innovative features such as video chat by adding a simple inexpensive video camera to the Set Top Box.

• Compatibility with Cavium's Wireless Display Technology
Cavium’s Media Processor include the hardware and video decoding capabilities required to support Cavium's wireless video distribution technology. A new class of Set Top Box products can be developed to receive video from PC's and mobile devices providing consumers with access to their personal content and internet streaming services in addition to the traditional features of a set top box.

• Conditional Access and Security
Cavium’s Media Processor include support for marketing leading Conditional Access systems such as Nagravison which is being used by leading PayTV operators world-wide. The flexible security architecture will allow new Digital Rights Management schemes to be easily enabled providing Set Top Box manufactures with a common platform for all their Set Top Box product requirements.

• Production proven middleware and turnkey platforms
Cavium can provide customers with complete production proven middleware and applications for IPTV, ISDB-T, DVB_T and Digital Cable products. Combined with the Cavium turnkey platforms Operator and Retail Set Top Box products can be developed and deployed in the shortest time frame minimizing development schedules and costs.

Multi-standard audio and video decoders
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