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OCTEON III CN78XX Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors

The OCTEON III CN78XX family of Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors builds on the award-winning OCTEON II family, with a higher number of improved cnMIPS64 cores, wider range of I/O, higher application acceleration for networking, security and storage, larger caches, latest interfaces such as DDR4 and PCIe Gen3, and multi-chip coherent connectivity using Cavium Coherent Processor Interconnect (CCPI) for enabling high performance applications. The family includes three software and pin-compatible processors, with 24 to 48 cnMIPS64 v3 cores running at up to 2.5GHz, rich hardware virtualization compliant with MIPS64 Release 5, four DDR4 and DDR3 channels and over 100Gbps of application acceleration performance. Built on high-performance low-leakage 28nm process technology, along with on-chip power gating and a real-time power optimizer, this family delivers the highest compute and services performance of any standard ISA processor with the lowest power consumption. The CN78XX family provides extremely high-bandwidth connectivity based on the latest standards-based SERDES I/Os including XLAUI, PCIe Gen3, XAUI, Double-speed XAUI, XFI/KR, RXAUI, and Interlaken/LA.

OCTEON III CN78XX Processors
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OCTEON III CN78XX - Block Diagram

Services Blade Solution
Services Coprocessor Solution

OCTEON III CN78XX - Product Family

Device cnMIPS
Max. (Billion) Available
Instructions Per Second
Option L2 Cache Ethernet PCIe Interlaken Coherency Interface
(Cavium Coherent Processor Interconnect)
CN7890 48 240B AAP, SCP 16MB Up to 4x
Up to 8x
Up to 16x
Up to 32x
Up to 2 x8
PCIe Gen3
Up to 2 x8
or 1 x12
Up to 1 x8 of
AAP Only 4 x72b DDR3/4 FCBGA
CN7880 32 160B
CN7870 24 120B
Device Options:
Device Speed Grade (1600 = 1.6GHz, 1800 = 1.8 GHz, 2000 = 2 GHz, 2500 = 2.5 GHz)

Option code for device family listed below:
AAP = Application Acceleration Processor: Includes RAID, encryption, RegEx acceleration, compression/decompression, networking, TCP acceleration, QoS, and CCPI
SCP = Secure Communication Processor: Includes encryption, networking, TCP acceleration and QoS


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