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PureVu™ CNW5XXX Video Processor Family


Cavium family of PureVu™ CNW5XXX video processors offer the industry’s lowest latency and best price-performance full HD (1080p60) system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution for interactive and recording video applications. The PureVu™ CNW5XXX video processor family combines Cavium’s Super-Low-Latency (SLL) H.264 video processor, high performance NITROX security technology, and intelligent networking and packet processing capabilities in a fully integrated SoC that brings the company’s revolutionary WiVu™ technology to a variety of devices in the consumer and enterprise markets. The high degree of integration deployed in the CNW5XXX video processor family is intended to provide OEMs with aggressive system bill-of-materials (BOM) cost in order to enable mass market adoption in such devices as flat panel TVs, Blu-ray players, notebook PCs and netbooks, gaming consoles, as well as SMB and SOHO video communication systems.


The PureVu CNW5XXX video processors are targeted for use in highly interactive video applications, as well as in high channel-density video recording applications; including enterprise and consumer video conferencing systems, wireless HDMI adapters, home digital content distribution, video surveillance DVRs and video servers.

The PureVu CNW5XXX product family consists of the CNW51XX, CNW53XX and the CNW56XX product lines, which are differentiated based on HD, SD, and 3D capabilities, number of video ports, and target applications. The SoCs are provided with a complete SDK based on Linux driver support and an extensive API for controlling key video parameters. Application-specific PureVu CNW5XXX evaluation systems and reference designs are also available.


  • PureVu™ H.264 video processor
  • Dual core ARM11 CPU
  • Up to1080p60 encode/decode resolution
  • Super Low Latency Technology™
  • Error resiliency & concealment
  • Channel adaptive bit rate control
  • Hardware crypto engine
  • Graphics accelerator for GUI
  • PCIe, RG/MII, USB, SPI, etc.
  • Dual BT.1120 bi-directional video ports
  • I2S audio
PureVu Video Processors
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PureVu™ H.264 video processor
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