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Hyper-Dense virtualization appliances  
Wireless Tx/Rx HDMI Adapter
PureVu CNW5XXX H.264 video processors consist of both stand-alone SoCs and co-processors, each optimized for its intended target device. Applications include scalable, multi-stream HD video conferencing terminals, HD telepresence terminals, HD wireless display transmitters/receivers, HD multimedia routers and HD video surveillance DVRs and IP cameras.

The block diagrams below provide high-level system architectures for the realization of these products, using PureVu CNW5XXX video processors.


Virtualization in HPC Systems

  • HDMI cable replacement
  • Wireless display
  • Whole home media distribution
  • Support for WiFi, PLC,, UWB, Ethernet
  • Gaming, LCD TV, Blu-ray, STB, NBPC
  • Pristine HD quality (1080p60/30, 720p60/30)
  • Supports latency sensitive applications including gaming
  • SLL (Super Low Latency) Technology
  • Channel adaptive rate control
  • Error resiliency and recovery
Data Center Virtualization

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