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Data Center Virtualization  
Embedded design for Monitor, Projector, and TV
Want to make an integrated design with more peripherals than just HDMI? No problem! Cavium Media processors CNW6xxx make it possible to integrate a wireless display system into a projector, monitor, or a TV and turn any simple device into a wireless display capable device. Simply hookup the SOC to main system SOC or Scaler and you have a fully operational display embedded with wireless display capability.

Server Virtualization Monitoring

  • HD analog video output – Component, and SPDIF for digital audio output
  • Support for 802.11n Wi-Fi with wall power and Ethernet connectivity
  • Supports external adapter and integrated module for monitor
  • Enables existing TVs to turn into wireless display receivers at low cost
  • Enables analog audio/video outputs for connection to non-HDTVs
  • Built-in support content protection for HDCP 1.x, HDCP 2.x, and DTCP
Hyper-Dense virtualization appliances
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