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Adapter for Handheld devices
Handheld smart devices require a perfect companion to be able to show the small screen on large TV screen. CNW6611L-powered designs enable OEMs to make such products in a very small package. Low power and integrated components lead to a small form factor design that is powered by USB and easy to carry where ever you take your handheld. Start your design for adapter using Cavium SOC paired with equally powerful Wi-Fi to match performance of your handheld.

Handheld Adapter Solution

  • Low-power small-form factor wireless display adapter
  • Support for 802.11n
  • Supports external adapter and integrated module for monitor
  • Potential for USB powered through TV USB interface
  • Small-form factor adapter easy to hide
  • Enables existing TVs to turn into wireless display receivers at low cost
  • Built-in support content protection for HDCP 1.x, HDCP 2.x, and DTCP
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