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IP Hybrid STB
PureVu CNC8302 and CNW8311H media processors are optimized for IP-based streaming clients ideal for small-form factor low-power devices. These can be either a stand-alone OTT services or can be easily combined with external tuner for a complete Hybrid STB solution.

The block diagrams below provide high-level system architectures for the realization of these products, using PureVu CNW83xx video processors.


  • IP VoD Client
  • Hybrid STB with Digital Tuner
  • OTT services
  • Cable Thin client
  • Multi-codec 1080p60 decoder for the variety of content available on the Internet
  • Full software stack to handle IP-stream decoding with requisite IP DRM such as PlayReady
  • High density storage through eMMC or external USB
  • WW compatible analog and digital outputs for legacy and modern TVs
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