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Want to build a wireless display product? You have come to the right place! Cavium solutions support most wide variety of products in the market. Our reference designs are both ready-to-ship should you want to reduce time to market and flexible allowing you to bring state-of-art products to market:

  1. Wireless Display Transmit and Receive pair for distributing real-time HD content throughout the home
  2. Monitor, Projectors, and TVs empowered with wireless display receiver technology to rid of wires between PCs and display devices for a true wireless docking solution
  3. Small form factor display adapter as a perfect companion for a mobile wireless phone – just put it in your pocket and off you go!
  4. High performance display adapter for PCs for the presentation that you want to share

Or start with any of our base reference designs to build your application.
Please contact Cavium for further assistance.

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