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VMS-mini - Universal Wireless Display Stick Reference Design


Cavium's VMS-mini reference design is an ultra low-power ultra small form-factor wireless display and media streaming TV adapter, in the form of an HDMI plug-in media stick. Its ultra-small size (as small as a USB ash drive) and light weight make it suitable as a portable consumer accessory. Wirelessly stream video, pictures, and music from handheld devises to an external display. Mirror handheld devices on to external display while playing interactive games on the handheld devices. Stream movies and other content from the internet to TV display. These are only some of the exciting applications that are possible with the VMS-mini reference design. Provides support for industry standard wireless display and media streaming protocols, such as Cavium's WiVu, WiFi Alliance's Miracast™, Intel®'s WiDi, DLNA®, Microsoft's Smooth Streaming™, and HLS. VMS-mini is an ideal universal wireless media stick for viewing both user generated and premium content on high denition displays. In addition to a stand-alone media stick, the VMS-mini design can serve as a reference for integrated module inside wireless monitors, portable displays, and projectors.

Based on the innovative highly integrated CNW8311L media SoC from Cavium, the VMS-mini reference design oers support for full 1080p60 multi-format decode and advanced audio processing. High quality, full-HD video and audio can be decoded and displayed via the integrated HDMI1.4 interface with 3D support. Advanced MHL support and USB interface for WiFi, make for a simple, ecient, and seamless connected device solution. Add a status LED and small push button for WPS pairing and reset for a low cost, turnkey production ready reference design that dramatically reduces time to market.


  • Multi-format audio and video decode
  • Support for WiVu, WiDi, Miracast, DLNA, Smooth Streaming, and HLS
  • HDMI 1.4 output
  • MHL interface support
  • Up to 1080p display capability
  • Support for HDCP 2.x and DTCP-IP
  • USB powered
  • Wireless display TV stick
  • Home media streaming receiver
  • Wireless monitors and TV module
  • IP Thin client

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VMS-mini - Block Diagram

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