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WiVu Solution

What is WiVu®?

Based on Cavium’s high performance PureVu® video processor family, WiVu® is Cavium’s standards-based end-to-end solution for interactive, multi-room wireless display and home video distribution applications.

The key components of Cavium's WiVu® solution include:

»  Standards-focus: H.264 compression over standard 802.11n Wi-Fi
»  High Performance: 2D & 3D up to 1080p for movies, text, and graphics
»  Interactive: Low latency compression with back-channel support
»  Multi-room: Long range throughout the home over Wi-Fi network

Use-Case Scenario Examples

Any Content, Any Room, Any Device


Multi-room, Multi-display

Smart Phone



  • WiVu® is based on widely deployed technologies, such as ITU H.264 video compression, IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi transmission, HDCP 2.x content protection, and standard IP protocols for transport.
  • Cavium is also fully committed to the industry’s standardization efforts addressing Wi-Fi based wireless display applications, and expects to be fully compliant once such standards are ratified.

    Standards-Based Enables Compatibility

High Performance

  • Leveraging Cavium’s PureVu® 2D and 3D video processor technology, WiVu® offers pristine 1080p HD video quality.
  • Cavium’s PureVu® video processors are designed to provide the highest video transmission quality for all types of content, including movies, text and graphics.

    High Quality Requires Performance

  • PureVu®’s patented Super Low Latency (SLL™) technology enables the lowest compression latency in the industry allowing WiVu® to address a wide range of fully interactive applications including remote desktop and gaming
    • 5ms end-to-end latency over Ethernet
    • 20 ms end-to-end latency over Wi-Fi

  • Support for back-channel control and command transmission over Wi-Fi is another key attribute of the WiVu® solution, providing support for:
    • IR remote signals
    • Keyboard/mouse (HID)
    • Touch-panel control
    • Gaming controllers

    commands to be transmitted back to the source in a robust and real-time fashion to enable highly interactive applications.

    Interactivity Requires Low Latency

  • WiVu® also incorporates key IP for video Quality of Service (QoS) called SMART (Secure Minimum-latency Adaptation and Retransmission Technology) for robust multi-room wireless video.
  • SMART incorporates an advanced rate adaptation and retransmission scheme that uses information from the Wi-Fi channel, as well as feedback from the receiver, to optimize the behavior of the transmitter for the varying conditions of the Wi-Fi channel.
  • With SMART, Cavium technology enables 1080p wireless video at the edge of the home. 

    Multi-Room Requires Advanced QoS



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