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ThunderX® Partners

The launch of  Cavium’s Workload Optimzed ThunderX® Processor Family has energized the entire ARMv8 ecosystem. Throughout its history Cavium has been fully committed to industry standards and has been an active contributor to the Open Source development  community. We are honored to be working with some of the most important industry groups and corporate partners the server market has to offer.


    ODM and OEM Systems

    • AEWIN has announced the new CAVIUM® ThunderX®  CN88XX-based ARM server - SCS-4201 which is developed uniquely for applications of Network, Storage, Servers and IOT. This 64-bit ARM based SCS-4201 adopts standard 2U chassis featuring flexible storage/memory component allocation - up to (24) 3.5” HDD or (4) 2.5” HDD/SDD and 512GB (DDR4) – to offer the cost effective solution for space-tight applications. Moreover, with the 1000 Watt 80 Plus power supply unit onboard, SCS-4201 runs longer than average on lower power consumption.

      AEWIN Storage Server based on ThunderX® wins 2016 Computex Best Choice Award

      AEWIN SCS-4201 2U Server based on ThunderX
  • 64-bit ARMv8 Processors
    • "Our Adaptive Supercomputing vision centers on system designs that integrate diverse processing technologies into a unified architecture," said Steve Scott, Cray senior vice president and chief technology officer. "We see alternatives such as 64-bit ARM, custom ASICs and low-power Intel processors as enabling technologies for certain HPC and analytics workloads, and a natural fit for our strategy. Along with our current partnership with Intel, our participation in the DOE FastForward 2 project and our work with other technology providers, such as Cavium and ARM, gives us the opportunity to take a closer look."

      Cray clusters based on Cavium's 48-core work load optimized ThunderX® ARM processors

      Cray XC Series

      Cray XC Series Brochure
  • 64-bit Arm Development Kit
    • “This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the challenge of developing a computationally powerful and energy-efficient platform based on the 64-bit ARM v8 microprocessor,” said Neil Morgan, program manager, Energy Efficient computing, STFC Hartree Centre. “The Hartree centre will be actively developing a robust software ecosystem encompassing compilers, linkers, numerical libraries and tools – all of which are fundamental to the adoption of these types of technologies.”

      Lenovo and U.K-based Hartree Centre to Advance Energy-Efficient Computing
  • Arm Processor 64 Bit
  • Arm Based Server SOC
    • “Companies looking seriously at Open Compute are intensely focused on squeezing every ounce of performance and efficiency from their data centers,” said Doug Taylor, General Manager, StackVelocity. “Cavium’s ThunderX architecture was designed to drive exceptional efficiency and performance, so collaborating with them to bring their ARM platform to OEMs and Open Compute for scale-out IT operators worldwide made perfect sense.”

      StackVelocity and Cavium Partner to Bring Advanced ARM Processor Efficiency to Open Compute Project
  • Arm Multicore Processors
  • 64-bit ARMv8 Development Board
    • "Gigabyte’s new line of ARMv8 server offerings enabled by Cavium’s ThunderX processors provides Data Center, Cloud and Enterprise best in class workload optimized solution,” said Etay Lee, General Manager of Gigabyte Technology. “Working closely with Cavium, we’ve developed highly integrated system solution enabling a very efficient and cost effective path to design high density Hyperscale class server products using the industry’s best ARMv8 server class processor. The Hyperscale server market demands more sophistication, richer functionality and workload specific optimization. Gigabyte Technology is the solution provider of choice with enterprise-class engineering, manufacturing and support expertise in this area. Our innovation, reliability and flexibility deliver time-to-market advantages to customers developing next generation data center & cloud solutions."

      GIGABYTE Announces Availability and Production Shipments of Extensive Cavium ThunderX-based Server Portfolio

      Gigabyte Announces Production Availability of Caviums Thunderx2 Based Server Portfolio
  • 64 Bit Arm Soc
    • “Pegatron focuses on meeting customer requirements with innovative platforms delivering excellent TCO”, said Jay Huang, Pegatron Corporation general manager. “We have designed our new ThunderX-based platforms to deliver competitive advantage for HPC, big data and other hyperscale workloads. We’re committed to providing competitive advantage to our customers through leading-edge technology, and delivery of these new ARM-based servers in Q2 2015 is a key part of our strategy.”

      Cavium Announces Collaboration with Pegatron on Server Platforms
  • Arm Server Chips
    • "For well over a decade Penguin has been the leader in developing open, Linux-based cloud and HPC solutions," said Jussi Kukkonen, Director of Product Management, Penguin Computing. "By introducing Cavium's 64-bit ARMv8 CPUs in our Penguin Tundra family of Open Compute servers we again step up our leadership position. Our customers get outstanding value from the efficiency and flexibility enabled by OCP infrastructure combined with workload-optimized performance of Cavium's ThunderX architecture."

      With unmatched Linux expertise, Penguin Computing offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, ranging from Linux servers and workstations, to integrated, turn-key HPC clusters and cluster management software, to customized build-to-order server solutions for enterprises and institutions with special hardware requirements.  Penguin also complements their hardware and software solutions with Penguin Computing on Demand (POD)—a public HPC cloud that provides supercomputing capabilities on-demand on a pay-as-you-go basis.

      Penguin Computing Announces Availability and Customer Shipments of Tundra Extreme Scale Valkre Servers
  • Sugon
    • “Our customers continue to demand continued platform innovation that reduces TCO and increases workload performance: said Dr. Xiaojun Yang, Chief Engineer, Sugon Information Industry. “The ThunderX based blades for Galaxis SDC1000 enhances our platform offering to deliver optimized performance key cloud storage and big data workloads, and will allow our customers to meet growing performance demands within their existing infrastructure.”

      Sugon Announces ThunderX® Blades for Galaxias SDC1000 High Density Server for Data Centers
  • Wistron
    • Our success is built on delivering platforms that provide competitive advantage.  Our customers continue to demand platform innovation that reduces TCO and increases workload performance, said Spark Chen, Director of Product Management, Enterprise Storage Division, Wistron.  “The new Hyper-converged system platform is optimized for key growing workloads such as Hadoop and high performance data analytics, and will allow our customers to meet growing performance demands within their existing infrastructure.”

      Wistron Announces New Server Platforms based on Cavium's ThunderX™ Workload-Optimized Processor Family
    • “We are excited to expand our portfolio of server platforms based on Cavium’s 64-bit ARMv8 processors. We design servers that are optimized for customer workloads, to deliver high performance combined with best-in-class TCO,” said,Chief Marketing Officier Steven Lu at Wiwynn. “We are impressed with the design approach and performance from Cavium’s ThunderX ARM processors, and are pleased to partner with them in delivering innovative datacenter systems.”

      Wiwynn Adds Workload-Optimized Cavium ThunderX™-based Platforms to their Server Product Roadmap
  • Systems Management and Firmware

  • Arm 64 Core Products
    • "Cavium is a key partner with AMI in expanding our server design capability to include the rapidly growing hyperscale market.  AMI has been impressed with the tremendous feature set and truly differentiating technology that Cavium offers with ThunderX.  With our proven track record for Aptio® UEFI Firmware and MegaRAC® SP-X management solutions we are confident that our system partners will benefit greatly from this strategic partnership,” said Subramonian Shankar, President and CEO of American Megatrends. “We look forward to continuing to build on our partnership with Cavium."

      AMI Delivers MegaRAC and Aptio on ThunderX

      ARM-based Server Platforms and Software for High Performance Computing
      Armv8 Processor Aptio
      ARM-based Server Platforms and Software for High Performance Computing
      Arm Based Server Chips MegaRAC
  • Operating Systems

  • Arm Based Server Chips
    • “Canonical and Cavium have partnered since the beginning of the ThunderX program and we have successfully delivered the recent production release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on ThunderX," said Mark Shuttleworth, Founder, Canonical. "With the launch of ThunderX2 Cavium is yet again demonstrating leadership in the ARMv8 server market and Canonical is excited to collaborate on further extending and optimizing Ubuntu and key Canonical features such as MAAS, Juju and Snappy to further accelerate end user deployment and integration. We congratulate Cavium on this major milestone and look forward to continuing to expand our partnership."

      Canonical unveils 6th LTS release of Ubuntu with 16.04 with support for ThunderX

      ARMv8-based servers
  • Arm Processor Development Kit
  • freeBSD
  • Armv8 Development Board
    • “MontaVista is a leading provider of carrier grade Linux and Cloud solutions. MV Cloud is a Cloud Platform solution that leverages Cavium’s ThunderX SoC solution, allowing for high performance switching offload, using the SoC’s state-of-the-art integrated multicore architecture.” says Monear Jalal, Senior Director of Marketing for MontaVista, “Cavium’s ThunderX and MontaVista’s MV Cloud Platform provides a highly integrated solution to meet the demand of the next generation software defined datacenter.”

      MontaVista MV Cloud Support for ThunderX
  • Virtualization

  • Armv8 Architecture
    • “Xen Project virtualization is deployed in some of the largest hyperscale data centers in the industry. Our new ARM support for power optimized servers is tailor-made for scale out virtualized workloads. As a leader in ARM server architecture and design, security and networking processors, Cavium is uniquely positioned to leverage the strengths of our open software and play a key role in the future of cloud computing,” said Lars Kurth, chairman of the Xen Project Advisory Board.

      Next Generation Xen on ThunderX

      Cavium Recognized for Xen Contributions
  • ThunderX Armv8 Soc
  • Software Development Environment

    • “Allinea Forge is ready to help with application migration – from debugging to profiling. The tool suite for ARMv8-A will provide the same user experience and capabilities that are familiar to x86_64 developers. The low-overhead instrumentation-free performance profiling capability will pinpoint optimization potential. Exposing I/O, communication, synchronization, threads and processor usage enables them to make the specific optimizations required to achieve higher throughput and performance in their applications.” “David Lecomber, CEO of Allinea Software.”

      Allinea announces ARM 64-bit development tool suite

      Allinea Forge for ThunderX
    • “Ensuring that the NAG Library is optimized on a wide range of platforms is key to broadening our user base so we are continually working with hardware vendors to tune our algorithms for new architectures” says Mike Dewar, NAG Chief Technical Officer, “the large core-count on ThunderX processors offers huge potential for applications which scale well with core count and is an indicator of where processor design may be going, so tuning for ThunderX is an excellent way to future-proof our products”

      NAG C and C++ Algorithms Optimized for the ARM-based Cavium ThunderX® Processors

    • "We have been working with ARM on making our enterprise grade Java SE 8 implementation available on the new wave of 64-bit ARMv8 servers. We are thrilled to extend this collaboration to Cavium who will make ThunderX hardware and engineering resources available to us, helping to ensure top-notch quality performance for Cavium and Oracle customers as these products hit the market”, said Henrik Stahl, Vice President, Product Management, Java & Internet of Things at Oracle.

      Oracle and Cavium to work together on Java SE 8 on 64-bit ARMv8

      Oracle Java Downloads for ThunderX
      64-bit Armv8 Development Board
  • 64-bit Gigabyte arm server
  • 64-bit Arm Server Board
  • Application Software

  • ProphetStor
    • “We are excited to see the continued growth of Cavium’s ARM based server product line with today’s announcement of ThunderX2,” said Paul Oh, Vice President of Business Development, NGINX, Inc. “With the proliferation of new applications and digital services, NGINX Plus provides a complete software-based application delivery platform with full support for new technologies, such as efficient and powerful ARMv8 based servers. We look forward to further partnering with Cavium to drive the migration to cloud-based content and application delivery."

  • ProphetStor
  • Industry Groups

  • Arm Multi Core Processors
  • Arm Server Chip
  • 64-bit Arm9 Accelerators
    • "At the Open Compute Foundation we continue to see our members have a growing impact on the direction of the Hyperscale and Cloud Computing infrastructure in today’s Data Centers. Cavium’s technical expertise and core competence in the fundamental areas that matter aligns perfectly with the OCP mission,” said Cole Crawford, Executive Director of the Open Compute Project Foundation. “We look forward to working closely with the Cavium team and benefiting from their contributions to OCP."

      Cavium to Contribute to OpenCompute Project
  • 64-bit Arm Based Processor
  • Multi Core Arm Processor
  • 64-bit Arm Processor Technology
    • "Xen Project virtualization is deployed in some of the largest hyperscale data centers in the industry. Our new ARM support for power optimized servers is tailor-made for scale out virtualized workloads. As a leader in ARM server architecture and design, security and networking processors, Cavium is uniquely positioned to leverage the strengths of our open software and play a key role in the future of cloud computing,” said Lars Kurth, chairman of the Xen Project Advisory Board.

      Xen Project Advisory Board Chairman Welcomes Cavium
  • Supporting Partners

  • 64-bit Arm Core Processor
    • "The Cavium ThunderX2 will expand the market opportunity for ARM-based server technologies by addressing demanding application and workload requirements for compute, storage networking and security," said Simon Segars, CEO, ARM. "ThunderX2 demonstrates Cavium's ability to deliver a combination of innovation and engineering execution and the new product family increases the momentum for server deployments powered by ARM processors in large scale data centers and end user environments."
  • 64-bit Arm Server Chips
    • "Citrix is the cloud company that enables mobile work styles. Citrix and Cavium have been collaborating within the open-source Xen Project community to bring efficient and high quality Xen virtualization to ARM processors, in particular building hypervisor support for next-generation interrupt controllers based on the GICv3 architecture" said James Bulpin, Senior Director of Technology, XenServer, Citrix. "We are very happy to see Cavium joining the Xen Project Advisory Board, a move that further strengthens the Xen Project community and demonstrates Cavium's engineering commitment to it. We congratulate Cavium on the launch of their ThunderX Processor Family and eagerly anticipate system-level virtualization solutions at the hyperscale level of deployment based on this multi-core SoC."
  • 64-bit Arm Server Soc
    • Semihalf creates software for advanced solutions in the areas of platform infrastructure (operating systems, bootloaders), virtualization, networking and storage.  We make software tightly coupled with the underlying hardware to achieve maximum system capacity.

      Semihalf is the leading developer of commercial FreeBSD support for Cavium ThunderX, high performance solutions for multicore Octeon (LiquidIO) platform. Our expertise for Cavium processors includes development of FreeBSD, Linux, UEFI, KVM, data plane frameworks (DPDK, ODP) and SDN/NFV solutions integration (Plumgrid, Open DayLight) for Cavium processors.
  • ArmV8 Server Soc
    • “Mellanox and Cavium have similar goals:  Delivering best-in-class, scalable products that accelerate HPC and Hyperscale workloads and drive greater return on investment,” said Gilad Shainer, Vice President, Marketing, Mellanox Technologies.   “Cavium’s powerful and scalable ARM SOCs are a great match for our highly-scalable, low-latency InfiniBand solutions, and we look forward to delivering optimal performance for our HPC, cloud and big data customers.” 

      Cavium Adds Support for Mellanox InfiniBand Adapters for ThunderX™ Processor Family
  • 64-bit Arm Cpu Server
    • “GPU accelerators enable innovative ARM technology providers like Cavium to deliver a new class of efficient, high-performance computing solutions to HPC and enterprise customers,” said Sumit Gupta, general manager of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA.  “We look forward to working with Cavium to deliver an expanded range of computing solutions to accelerate customers’ computationally intensive scientific, engineering and data analytics workloads.”

      Cavium Adds Support for NVIDIA GPU Accelerators in 64-bit ARMv8-A ThunderX® Processor Family
  • 64-bit Arm Processor Development Kit
    • “SanDisk delivers Flash-based storage solutions that accelerate workload performance for our customers and we see Cavium taking a similar CPU design approach for HPC and other demanding workloads,” said John Scaramuzzo, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Solutions, SanDisk.  “As datacenter workloads, compute and storage requirements continue to grow, so too will the demand for flash based storage acceleration. We intend to work with and enable innovators like Cavium to address these needs.”

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