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XPliant® XP60 and XP70 Family


The XPliant® XP60 and XP70 families of optimized Ethernet switches are targeted for the largest segment of the data center market. The XP60 family brings programmable Ethernet switching features to the campus, embedded, and carrier access markets with devices that scale from 280Gbps to 720 Gbps. The XP70 family of programmable Ethernet switch devices scales from 1Tbps to 1.8Tbps and provides cost-effective seamless 1GBASE-T to 10GBASE-T and 10GbE to 25GbE access connectivity upgrades for enterprise, data center, and carrier networks with support for 40GbE/100GbE uplink connectivity. The new XP60 and XP70 families, combined with the production qualified CN880xx family of products now extends Cavium’s XPliant programmable architecture from 3.2Tbps down to 280Gbps.

Cavium’s XP60 and XP70 families are fully software compatible with the volume shipping XP80 family and leverage the same field proven programmable engines. This enables transparent software migration for current XP80 customers, as well as use of the entire XPliant suite of software tools.


  • Optimized 10G / 25G / 50G/ 100G Leaf/ToR switch platforms
  • 1G / 10G/ 25G/100G embedded switch and enclosure platforms
  • 1GBASE-T upgrades to 10GBASE-T with 100G uplinks
  • Converged computing systems
  • Service provider access networking


  • Input buffer boost for robust lossless Ethernet support
  • Hyper-scale policy engine for supporting dense ACL databases required in the hybrid cloud
  • Second generation PacketTrakker™
    • Provides programmable support for in-band visibility and telemetry
      feature enhancements
    • Queuing subsystem notifications, overlay visibility, In-band Network
      Telemetry (INT)
  • Second generation XPliant Programmable Architecture (XPA)
    • First customer programmable data center switch to be deployed in
      production networks
    • Optimized programming model to support rapid switch feature

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Part Number IO Throughput 1/10GE ports 25GE ports 40/50GE ports* 40GE ports** 100GE ports SERDES


1.8 Tbps 72 72


18 18 72x25G
CNX78056 1.4 Tbps 56 56 28 14 14 56x25G
CNX78061 1.08 Tbps 48 24 12 12 6 48x10G + 24x25G
CNX78028 700 Gbps 28 28 14 7 7 28x25G


Part Number IO Throughput 1/10GE ports 2E ports 40/50GE ports* 40GE ports** 100GE ports SERDES


720 Gbps 72 0


18 0 72x10G
CNX68056 560 Gbps 56 0 0 14 0 56x10G
CNX68028 280 Gbps 28 0 0 7 0 28x10G

“*” : 40/50GE port over 2x20/25G SERDES lanes
“**”: 40GE port over 4x10G SERDES lanes

Optimized 10G / 25G / 50G/ 100G Leaf/ToR switch platforms

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