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Cavium Solutions and Services (CSS) is a group of highly experienced Cavium Architects and Developers who are dedicated to help customers develop and accelerate OCTEON based software and systems. CSS offers dedicated services that complement Cavium’ Sales and Customer support organizations.

With over 25 successfully completed projects, CSS was formed as a result of a Cavium acquisition of Parallogic Corporation. For five years, prior to its acquisition, Parallogic focus was the development of Parallel software for a variety of multi-core architectures including OCTEON.

CSS takes a holistic approach to software and solutions development by leveraging Cavium’s software and hardware architecture and performance tuning experience across a variety of end-system hardware and software designs CSS offers three different services to address a variety of customer needs:

Help customers extract the highest performance from OCTEON processors by efficiently mapping their existing software and recommending specific architecture or performance tuning. The end result of this exercise is a 40 page architecture document and example code that validates the customer’s multi-core software architecture, performance estimates and project plans.
Link to more information about ArchitecturePLUS

Help customers fine tune their existing OCTEON multi-core software to achieve maximum performance. The end result of this exercise is a architecture document and example code that increased the OCTEON based system performance.
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Full life cycle multi-core software development. This service helps customers to rapidly develop their software by developing full turn-key software and training customer’s engineering team. Engaging Cavium Solutions and Service has many benefits:

  • Time-to-market
  • Cost Reduction
    • Reduced software development time, effort and iterations
    • Detailed performance modeling reduces requirement for over-engineering systems to meet marketing requirements
  • Risk Mitigation
    • Detailed performance modeling reduces surprises during hardware and software development
    • Experienced software planning and architecture enables accurate scheduling and resources requirements to meet market deadlines
  • Deliver optimal performance and headroom
  • Customer engineering team ramp-up --- “It’s an enablement tool not just a service!”
    • Service team fields all technical question
    • Development environment setup
    • Dedicated Cavium resources make every project a success

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