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Interphase   Last Updated: February 7, 2012
iSPAN® 55MC8 PCI-x Quad SFP GE Packet Processor
High Performance Multi-core Packet Processing Engine
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Product Overview
The Interphase iSPAN® 55MC8 PCI-x™ Quad SFP Gigabit Ethernet Packet Processor extends the broad Interphase portfolio of communication and network processor solutions for use with PCI-x enabled rack-mount server platform solutions. The iSPAN® 55MC8 addresses the growing need for wire-speed packet inspection and processing requirements for the delivery of broadband services in the Wireless, Voice Over IP and IMS network infrastructure.

The iSPAN® 55MC8 is based on the Cavium OCTEON Plus high-performance multi-core processor architecture which provides:
• A pin compatible chip that can support 4 to 16 cnMIPS® Plus MIPS 32/64 architecture compatible cores
• Per core hardware acceleration for packet processing and security including addition of support for Kasumi for wireless security
• Integrated co-processors for packet I/O, compression/decompression, IDS and anti-virus

Weblink : http://www.iphase.com/products/product.cfm/PCI/441
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