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Lanbird   Last Updated: October 21, 2008
ASN Gateway Application Suite
Lanbird ASN Gateway Suite has complied with the International standard specifications and provides solution on ASN GW functions with IEEE 802.16, IEEE 802.16e, WiMAX forum Network Architecture Standard Specification.
Product Overview
Lanbird ASN Gateway Application Suite S/W Features

a) Standards
- IEEE 802.16
- IEEE 802.16e
- WiMAX forum Network Architecture Stage 3 Release 1, version 1.2.1, Profile C
b) Interfaces
- R6 interface to the Base Station/
- R4 interface for inter-gateway
- R3 interface to Radius and the home agent
c) Network Management
- SNMP Agent and CLI interface

Lanbird ASN Gateway Application Suite Load Balancing S/W Features

a) BS and Core-Network Interface
b) Packet Distribution based on Session Info
c) Scalability for Line Card Expansion

Lanbird ASN Gateway Application Suite S/W Components

a) Lanbird Linux OS - Kernel + driver + utilities
b) SDK from Cavium Networks -- toolchain (cross/native)
c) Routing Suite (Quagga)
d) FPM (Fast-Path Manager)
e) FP (Fast-Path code) - IPv4/v6 L3 forwarding
f) ASN Gateway Features (R3/R4/R6 Interface)

Weblink : http://www.lanbird.com/product/asn_gw_en.php
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