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Jungo   Last Updated: November 12, 2008
Residential gateway software platform
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Product Overview
OpenRG is a best-of-breed middleware for residential gateways, residing in the CPE. This middleware includes drivers, an operating system, protocols, and advanced networking, and security applications to enable all broadband services in the home.

OpenRG's unique hardware-agnostic design allows quick and cost-effective porting to new CPE platforms, enabling service providers to offer the latest technologies and services with the quickest time to market.

OpenRG has a rich set of built-in features, and thanks to its robust modular architecture, can be easily tailored and extended to offer additional capabilities. Furthermore, OpenRG can be remotely upgraded on already deployed gateways, so new services and capabilities can be introduced without the need for hardware replacement.

Built on many years of development experience and deployed in over 18 million households by leading service providers worldwide, OpenRG provides the ultimate in reliability, stability and performance.

Weblink : http://www.jungo.com
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