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Kaspersky Lab   Last Updated: December 18, 2008
High performance streaming anti-malware threat protection
Product Overview
Kaspersky SafeStream is designed to detect the most dangerous viruses, Trojans, worms and other malware at wire speed. It allows for the implementation of high performance antivirus filters on platforms where traditional antivirus software is not available due to limitations in the architecture, processing power or memory.

Kaspersky SafeStream in conjunction with Cavium OCTEON processors includes the following features: Stream-based antivirus scanning (full file proxying is not required). High speed throughput. Deployment in devices at the gateway with limited hardware capabilities. Efficient perimeter and gateway level defense against the most dangerous malware and virus outbreaks.

Kaspersky SafeStream was not designed to protect users from all existing malware, but rather to provide the highest possible network security from the most dangerous and costly threats. Thus, it presents a balanced trade off between in-depth security and unparalleled performance.

Weblink : http://usa.kaspersky.com/partners/safestream.php
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