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SpectraLinear   Last Updated: June 28, 2010
Programmable Clock Generators
SpectraLinear’s family of programmable clock generators can be flexibly configured to optimize performance, accelerate design cycles and ease regulatory compliance testing to lower overall program costs and achieve fastest time-to-market.
Product Overview
Programmable Clock Generators

SpectraLinear’s EProClock® Programmable Clock Generator products feature a wide range of programming options enabling system designers to optimize parameters as required.
Feature highlights:

* Output Frequencies from 1 to 200MHz
* CLKOUT, REFOUT or SSCLK output options
* CLKIN, XO or VCXO input options
* 8 to 48MHz crystal input range
* 1 to 166MHz clock input range
* Spread Percent (%) from 0 to 5.0%
* Down or Center Spread options

* Spread Modulation Frequency from 16 to 128kHz
* On-chip Programmable Crystal Load (CL) from 8 to 20pF
* PD#, OE or SSON# functions
* FS (Frequency Select) or SSEL (Spread Select) functions
* 7 levels of Rise and Fall Times (Drive Strength)
* Programmable Duty Cycle

Weblink : http://www.spectralinear.com/products/products.php?category_id=2
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