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Skelmir   Last Updated: September 9, 2009
CEE-J for Java
Virtual Machine (VM) for running Java applications
Product Overview
CEE-J (pronounced "Siege") is Skelmir's suite of fast, compact and proven clean room virtual machines for running Java applications on embedded devices. CEE-J is an ideal platform for a host of resource constrained embedded solutions. With scalable footprint and configuration options, Skelmir has a CEE-J solution to suit your needs.

Technical Specs
Supported apps from Personal Java thru J2SE
Full VM, libs, Advanced Graphics, TTF Engine & System font only 1.4 - 4MB of Flash (uncompressed)
Highly optimized interpreters

Compilers - Dynamic or Ahead of Time - Ability to mix according to your requirements
CAR - File Compression tool for optimal use of flash memory with your application
Remote Debugging and Profiler Support

Weblink : http://www.skelmir.com
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