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InForce Computing, Inc.   Last Updated: October 25, 2012
Quad Gigabit Network Processor Card
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Product Overview
The InforceŽ IFC8211 provides high performance packet processing and network acceleration that enables system developers to create in-line devices for network security, content inspection, storage compression and other fixed & wireless applications.

Based on the Cavium OCTEONŽ II CN6335 Multi-Core MIPS64 Processor, the IFC-8211 includes ample DDR3 memory onboard for packet processing and RegEx pattern search engines. The board occupies a single PCI Express x4 card slot and provides four Gigabit Ethernet ports that can deliver over 4 Gbps of in-line packet processing with QoS or encryption.

Applications are developed for the IFC-8211 using the Cavium Software Developers Kit (SDK) which includes complete production quality toolkits and libraries to develop or port existing code.

Weblink : http://inforcecomputing.com/product/moreinfo/ifc8211.html
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