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Benison Technologies Inc   Last Updated: May 17, 2013
Professional Services - Security
Software Security Solutions on OCTEON Processors
Product Overview
The Benison Technologies team has an extensive background in delivering next generation Security Solutions. Leveraging this background in security combined with extensive expertise on the OCTEON family of multi-core processors allows Benison to deliver solutions to our customers and meet their quality, performance and time to market constraints. In addition our experience with OCTEON allows us to leverage relevant OCTEON toolkits to accelerate development and meet our customers' delivery schedules.

Among other features, our security expertise is in
- Malware Detection using URL, Signature and MD5 Hash Matching
- Intrusion Detection and Prevention
- Protocol Detection
- Identity-based Access Control
- Stateful Firewall
- IPSec
- TCP & IP reassembly
- Traffic Anomaly Detection
- URL Filtering

Weblink : http://benisontechnologies.com/content/solutions/security/
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