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NEXCOM International Co., Ltd.   Last Updated: December 6, 2016
DNA 1520
Cavium OCTEON TX 64-bit ARM-based Universal Platform
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Product Overview
The DNA 1520 adopts Cavium's latest ARMv8.1 64-bit SOC to provide a high performance platform. It can support Cavium OCTEON TX CN80xx and CN81xx series embedded processors. The daughter board design is flexible and can support different features such as Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE, PoE, Industrial Management and Storage. The DNA 1520 is a universal platform which can be used for the following applications.

- SDN Control Plane
- Virtualized GW
- Virtualized CPE
- Firewall/IPS/AntiVirus
- SMB Routers
- IoT GW
- Industrial Management
- Vehicle Applications

Weblink : http://www.nexcom.com/Products/network-and-communication-solutions/desktop-appliance/desktop-appliance/network-security-appliance-dna-1520
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