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Wind River   Last Updated: October 14, 2008
Wind River Workbench On-Chip Debugging
Boost your development confidence with Wind River's Portfolio of multicore JTAG Development Tools
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Product Overview
Wind River Workbench On-Chip Debugging is a full-featured Eclipse-based IDE that powers the high-performance multicore-capable Wind River ICE 2 JTAG debug unit. Workbench On-Chip Debugging is a centralized, standards-based development environment that automates the debugging and analysis process. Its project-oriented methodology simplifies the handoff between various phases of development, from initial hardware bring-up to BSP, kernel and device driver stabilization, to application development. Target OS awareness for Wind River and non-Wind River OS'es and multi-context debugging enables efficient development for multicore, multi-OS, and virtualized systems. Wind River Workbench supports a broad range of Windows, Linux, and Solaris host environements. Wind River On-Chip Debugging supportdevelopment on Cavium OCTEON multicore processors and Cavium Econa ARM processors.

Weblink : http://www.windriver.com/announces/development-tools/
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