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Enea   Last Updated: January 18, 2012
Enea(R) Element
A comprehensive suite of application services platform that provides a foundation for building and managing the complex, distributed, high-performance, fault-tolerant applications required in many of today’s next generation networking systems.
Product Overview
Enea Element provides a complete set of services for managing all the critical systems aspects of complex telecom/networking equipment:

a) High Availability - SAF conformant Availability Management Framework for fault management, fault tolerance/5-nines+, and failover management
b) Software management for complete software program or component level version control and unique In-Service Upgrade services that eliminate down-time due to fielded system upgrade
c) Chassis management for hardware inventory, provisioning, monitoring and alarms
d) Embedded Management (hardware/software provisioning, configuration, and network management).

Element is specifically designed for the requirements of distributed systems that need event-driven real-time response and the highest levels of performance, scalability, and fault tolerance. And it leverages the principals behind Enea’s OSE-based offerings, which have been time-tested and hardened in a variety of applications for over 20 years.

Weblink : http://www.enea.com/
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