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GDA Technologies, Inc   Last Updated: October 10, 2008
GDA OCTEON Plus Gigabit Ethernet AMC Board
OCTEON Plus Gigabit Ethernet AMC board is based on Caviumís OCTEON CN54/55/56/57xx family of Network Services Processors.
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Product Overview
The AMC board is a single-width, full-size module with up to 2 GB of 64-bit DDR-2 memory supporting speeds up to 667MHz and 8-bit ECC support, NOR flash memory on the boot bus supporting flexible boot options and a PSRAM on the boot bus as a persistent memory to log system information over system reset/crash. The front panel of the board comprises of a quad SFP module supporting GE copper or fiber interfaces. CN54/55/56/57xx natively supports SGMII/1000BASEX interface eliminating the need of a PHY device between the SFP module and the processor. The AMC connector provides x4 PCIe (or x8 PCIe) and 10 Gigabit XAUI Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet interface. When x8 PCIe is used, the 10 Gigabit XAUI Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet is not available. An on-board micro controller acts as the management controller called the Module Management Controller (MMC) and is connected to the carrier board/system management bus. Software support includes Uboot, POST and Linux BSP for Cavium SDK.

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