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Metalink   Last Updated: October 13, 2008
Company Description
Metalink Ltd. (NASDAQ: MTLK) is a leading provider of silicon solutions for high performance wireless and wireline broadband communications. Metalink’s products revolutionize the broadband experience by facilitating the convergence of telecommunication, networking and entertainment. Based on WLAN and DSL technologies, these products are designed to offer true broadband connectivity in every home. Metalink's wireless LAN products introduce an enhanced wireless home network experience by implementing WLANPlus, a high-throughput IEEE 802.11n-compliant wireless LAN technology. WLANPlus surpasses alternative 802.11n technologies by an order of magnitude, providing a best-of-breed foundation for wireless triple-play and entertainment networks with multiple simultaneous high-definition video streams and extended coverage.

Contact Information
Metalink Ltd. Yakum Business Park Israel 60972 Tel: +972 9 960 5555 Fax: +972 9 960 5544 e-mail: info@MTLK.com e-mail: sales_info@MTLK.com

Weblink : http://www.mtlk.com
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