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G.S. Technologies   Last Updated: March 1, 2010
Company Description
G.S Tech provides advanced embedded solutions, Video & Audio processing and compression systems, with specific focus on surveillance, consumer and security applications.G.S Tech's Specialization is in professional embedded solutions, developing and managing embedded systems for a wide range of projects for both commercial and military industries.
G.S Tech also provides DSP development tools, analog/digital products, compilers, debuggers and protocol stacks.
By offering a multitude of platforms including TI's DSP Video & Imaging processors series and OMAP processors for the mobile and wireless markets, GS Tech delivers original solutions to your most complex needs.
GS Tech offers a complete package of HW & SW that forms a complete product design. We offer our customers full turnkey solutions, including consulting, design, product development and manufacturing.
With GS Tech as your Embedded Dev. Tools vendor and advisor you can easily compile, debug and deploy your embedded application.

Contact Information
Sharon Musai CEO
Tel: (972)3 9002726
Mobile: (972)54 2525131
E-mail: sharon@gs-tech.co.il

Lucy Sapir - Sales Engineer
Tel: (972)3 9002727
Mobile: (972)52 3712925
E-mail: lucy@gs-tech

Weblink : http:////www.gs-tech.co.il
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