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PARPRO Embedded Systems   Last Updated: October 23, 2015
Company Description
PARPRO is a full service design & manufacturing company with an emphasis on ODM solutions offering a comprehensive engineering-rich hardware solution with low-to-high volume manufacturing and integration/test capabilities. We serve customers in the telecommunications, aerospace, gaming and industrial markets providing time savings and cost optimization by minimizing margin stacks throughout the value chain.

Leveraging our strengths in purpose-built board-level design and production, PARPRO Embedded Systems (formerly JumpGen Systems) provides next-gen multicore and switching platforms. We team with our customers and technology partners to deliver innovative embedded computer hardware in application-specific platforms. Whether you need a custom appliance, PCI Express, AMC, or full mesh ATCA, PARPRO can help you respond quickly to business opportunities.

Contact Information
2772 Gateway Road
Carlsbad, CA 92009
+1 (760)931-7800

Weblink : http://www.parpro.com
1. O3E-110 PCI Express Cavium OCTEON CN7890
2. O2E-100 PCI Express Cavium OCTEON CN68XX
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