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Delta Electronics Adopts Cavium's PureVu™ Video Processors to Enable Wireless Digital Projectors

Cavium's PureVu Video Processors and WiVu™ Wireless Display Solution to Power Delta's New Line of Products for Wireless Projector Platforms

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 04, 2011 – Cavium Networks (NASDAQ: CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, communications and the digital home, today announced that Delta Electronics, one of the leading manufacturers of networking equipment, visual display, and digital projectors, has adopted Cavium’s WiVu™ technology to enable several next generation designs with WiFi-based wireless display capability.  Based on Cavium’s high performance 2D and 3D PureVu™ video processors, one of the key differentiators of WiVu is the superior video quality it provides not only for movie content, but also for high resolution PC text and graphics.

As wireless display technology continues its rapid adoption by PC manufacturers, a similar trend is taking shape in digital projectors, to eliminate the need for a wired connection (VGA or HDMI cable) between the notebook and the projector.  As such, new projector designs are starting to integrate wireless video transmission capability.   The technology that gets adopted needs to have the ability to scale up and down the performance and resolution spectrum.  In addition, projector’s ability to display any type of content with equal fidelity and high quality is a fundamental requirement of any next generation design.  As such, it is critical that the incorporation of wireless connectivity does not result in a compromise in the quality of the content.

“We are seeing a lot of demand from our digital projector OEM partners for integrated wireless display capability as a key feature for next generation platforms,” said Jimmy Su, Senior Manager of Display Solutions business unit at Delta Electronics. “Cavium’s WiVu technology was a perfect fit for our requirements as it provided us with high video quality for movies, and static content, such as text and graphics, as well as the WiFi-based video transmission most PC OEMs are adopting into their next generation platforms.”

Cavium’s PureVu video processors offer best-in-class performance, video quality and interactivity, allowing them to uniquely address the requirements for digital projectors in terms of transmitting high resolution PC content including movies, text and graphics.  The integrated SLL™ technology enables low latency compression, needed for seamless interactivity and control of the projected content from the PC keyboard/mouse.  Being WiFi-based, Cavium’s WiVu technology ensures compatibility with the increasing number of notebook PCs that are integrating WiFi-based wireless display capability.

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