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Radisys Introduces 40G ATCA Packet Processing Module Designed to Meet the Diverse Requirements of Next-Generation LTE Networks

Promentum™ ATCA-7240 based on Cavium Networks’ 32-core OCTEON II CN68XX processor provides TEMs scalable, higher memory capacity and flexible data flow

Hillsboro, Ore., May 10, 2011 - RadiSys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms for next generation IP-based wireless, wireline and video networks, today announced the Promentum™ ATCA-7240, the third-generation of products based on the Cavium Networks (NASDAQ: CAVM) OCTEON® family of multi-core processors. The versatile full-duplex 40G packet processing module provides a complete line-rate solution for applications such as Serving Gateways (SGW), Session Border Control (SBC), Security Gateways, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Edge Routers, Media Gateways and Mobility Management Entity (MME) network elements found in the 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC)

“The flexibility, programmability and performance provided by the Promentum ATCA-7240 are unmatched in the industry,” said Venkataraman Prasannan, ATCA general manager, RadiSys. “We provide Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and their service provider customers the best-of-breed solutions that they require to meet the unique time, cost, scalability and performance requirements of their 40G networks deployments.”

The ATCA-7240 with Dual OCTEON II CN68XX processors improves upon the field-proven advantages of the previous generation ATCA-7220 Dual OCTEON CN58XX by delivering up to 80 gigabits per second (Gbps) processing performance, increased memory capacity and maximum I/O density to meet industry demand for highly integrated, higher performance-per-watt solutions and provides a path for future scalability to next-generation networks.The ATCA-7240 is based on two powerful OCTEON II CN68XX processors, each with 32 cnMIPS64 cores and comprehensive hardware acceleration for demanding packet processing, security and deep packet inspection applications with or without I/O.

"RadiSys has continually proven to be a leader in developing carrier-grade, field-proven ATCA solutions that shorten development cycles and reduce the total cost of ownership for TEMs and their customers,” said YJ Kim, General Manager, Infrastructure Processor Group at Cavium Networks. “The innovative design of the Promentum ATCA-7240 leverages the OCTEON CN68XX, which offers a 3x total compute advantage and 2x performance-per-watt advantage, enabling a powerful, flexible solution for TEMs to meet the requirements of even the most sophisticated and bandwidth-hungry next-generation applications.”

The Promentum ATCA-7240 processing architecture is capable of providing 40 Gbps full duplex line rate processing performance with the OCTEON II 32-core processors. It also features increased memory capacity, enabling a larger number of data flows and subscribers per slot. The ATCA-7240 also supports up to 160 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) of maximum port density in a single-slot ATCA solution. Additionally, the ATCA-7240 packet processing module includes a multilayer switch on-board that acts as a Smart Front-End for the OCTEON processors. This Smart Front-End architecture allows independent resetting of the OCTEON processing complexes for fault isolation, off-loading and augmenting the OCTEON data path processing software, and providing flexible data flow options. This inherent versatility provides TEMs the option to re-use the ATCA-7240 across a multitude of different applications. The ATCA-7240 also provides the industry’s first OCTEON II solution with high-performance parallel search and packet data transfer capabilities. The ability to offload routing and classification lookups from the data processing blocks enables complex search requirements making the ATCA-7240 an ideal fit for high-speed networking applications such as packet classification, access list control and intrusion detection.

Implemented into a RadiSys ATCA 4.0 platform, ATCA-7240 also inherits the benefits of the RadiSys integrated platform including reduced time-to-market, cost and development risk−valuable benefits in the migration to 40G. Supported by RadiSys’ product and partner ecosystem, providing validation and support across all solutions, TEMs can be assured of forward and backward compatibility as they migrate to 40G platforms.

The RadiSys Promentum ATCA-7240
In addition to increased memory and I/O density, Smart Front-End support and the option for TCAM expansion, the ATCA-7240 also supports system and software compatibility, and powerful Internet Protocol (IP) data path software from the RadiSys Alliance Partner Program (RAPP).

  • ATCA-7240 is designed to maintain system compatibility with the previous generation, ATCA-7220, in terms of front, rear, and update channel I/O support as well as system software compatibility.
  • To enable even faster time-to-market, RadiSys is partnering with 6WIND to ensure the availability of high-performance packet processing software for the ATCA-7240. The 6WINDGate™ software suite includes IPv4/v6 forwarding, IP filtering, tunneling, traffic management, IPSec, Network Address Translation (NAT), load balancing and many other networking protocols, optimized for OCTEON multicore processors.
  • ATCA-7240 complies to PICMG® 3.0 R3.0 specification, PICMG 3.1 R1.0, and will later comply to PICMG 3.1 R2.0; IPMI v2.0.

Product Availability
The Promentum ATCA-7240 will be available for early access starting in 2H 2011. Pricing for the module is dependent upon configuration. For more information, please contact or call 800-950-0044.

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