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Cavium Networks Introduces Industry's First Wireless LAN Security Processor Family for Enterprise Access and Aggregation Points

Aruba Networks Adopts Cavium Networks New NITROX™ Wireless Security Processors to Support Current and Emerging 802.11 Security Standards at Multi-Gigabit speeds

Santa Clara, CA, July 28, 2003 - Cavium Networks, the cost and performance leader in security processing, today announced it's NITROX Wireless family of security macro processors, the first processors specifically designed to support current and emerging 802.11 security standards. The company also announced that Aruba Wireless Networks - maker of high-performance wireless network switching systems (WLAN) for enterprises and "hot spot" service providers - has adopted Cavium Networks NITROX Wireless security processors. Cavium Networks award winning NITROX family of Security processors are being used by several server motherboard and OEM vendors, in a wide range of networking equipment such as VPN gateways, SSL VPNs, wireless gateways, server load-balancers, routers, switches, web-servers and SANs.

NITROX Wireless accelerates a wide range of WLAN security protocols
To address security weaknesses of the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol, IEEE is developing the 802.11i security standard for WLANs, which mandates Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). With 802.11i, existing wireless access and aggregation points need to add security acceleration in their hardware to achieve required performance. Cavium Networks NITROX Wireless family is designed to support the complete suite of security algorithms used in WLAN security today and for the emerging 802.11i standard - including AES, 3DES and ARC4 and the various modes of each algorithm. Additionally the NITROX Wireless processors perform complete protocol processing of CCMP, IPSec, IKE, MPPE and functions of TKIP. The NITROX Wireless processors include a true hardware Random Number Generator and are highly optimized to increase overall system performance through zero-copy processing and efficient utilization of system bus.

"We chose Cavium Networks NITROX Wireless processor because of its unparalleled flexibility, scalability, performance and cost," said Kent Headrick, VP of Engineering at Aruba Networks. "Cavium Networks NITROX Wireless processor has enabled us to support a wide range of wireless security protocols such as TKIP, MPPE, and IPsec at performance ranges up to 2Gbps. Additionally, as we move forward to incorporate the emerging 802.11i standard, also being adopted by the Wi-fi Alliance as WPA version2, Cavium Networks flexible architecture will enable us to provide high-performance without a costly hardware upgrade"

Broad product line for Aggregation Devices as well as Enterprise Access Points
The NITROX Wireless family of Security Macro Processors has ten members to target a wide range of price / performance points, allowing OEMs to implement wireless LAN security in intelligent access points or aggregation devices, such as WLAN switches. The new NITROX Lite CN501w is intended for low-power, enterprise access-point products - it has a 32-bit PCI interface, provides 50 Mbps of performance at 64 byte packet size and consumes < 1 Watt of power. The NITROX Lite family with 4 distinct products, targets applications from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps, with a PCI bus interface. The NITROX family, with 6 distinct products, targets applications from 1 Gbps to 4 Gbps, with choice of a PCI, PCI-X or HyperTransport interfaces and also adds support for optional external key memory. For more information, please visit

"Robust and high-performance wireless LAN security is critical for the widespread adoption of Wireless LANs by enterprises," said Bob Wheeler, senior analyst at The Linley Group. "Cavium Networks NITROX processor has already proven to be a winning choice in the IPsec and SSL acceleration areas. Now, Cavium Networks has taken advantage of the flexibility of its NITROX processor to quickly provide a wireless family of security processors suited to multiprotocol operation and capable of support for new protocols - essential for tracking the evolving security requirements of the wireless market."

Complete Solution
Cavium Networks complete solution includes chips, evaluation boards (reference hardware designs), and reference software. The NITROX Wireless evaluation/development kit is implemented on industry-standard PCI/PCI-X or HyperTransport boards, supported by an array of software and support utilities, including drivers and API's for popular operating-systems, and chip configuration, test, and debug utilities. With this rich software and hardware reference, customers can quickly integrate NITROX Wireless with minimal engineering effort.

Product Pricing and Availability
Samples for all the ten NITROX Wireless products are available today, with production in Q4 '03. Pricing for the NITROX Lite CN501w is $14.95 in 10KU quantities. NITROX Lite Wireless products range in price from $16 to $95 in 1KU quantities. NITROX Wireless products range in pricing from $141 to $500 in 1KU quantities. The NITROX Wireless Software Development Kit is priced at $9,995.

"The addition of the NITROX Wireless to our award-winning product portfolio furthers Cavium Networks leadership position in the security semiconductor market", said Syed Ali, President and CEO of Cavium Networks. "With a wide range of price/performance points, NITROX Wireless dramatically lowers the cost of implementing no-compromises security in Enterprise Access Points, WLAN switches and routers, and will help to accelerate WLAN growth in the Enterprise market."

About Cavium Networks:
Cavium Networks is a semiconductor company that is delivering the industry's largest family of network security processors. Cavium Networks award winning NITROX family of security processors are single chip solutions that deliver 100Mbps to 10Gbps of encryption bandwidth with 1K to 40K RSA/DH operations per second. Cavium Networks highly integrated, feature rich NITROX families of Security Macro Processors deliver unprecedented performance in wired and wireless IPsec based network security applications and SSL based secure e-Business while significantly reducing the cost and complexity of deployment. Cavium Networks is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA with an IC design center in Marlboro, MA. For more information, please visit:

For additional information, contact:

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Cavium Networks
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