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Cavium OCTEON Fusion®

Industry's Most Powerful, Small Cell "Base Station-on-a-Chip" Family

OCTEON Fusion® Processor Family


OCTEON Fusion® Family, the industry’s most powerful, small cell “Base Station-on-a-chip” family are specifically designed for LTE & 3G multi-mode small cell base stations, including picocell and micro base stations. OCTEON Fusion processors combine OCTEON’s widely successful multi-core architecture along with purpose-built Baseband DSP cores, extensive LTE/3G hardware accelerators and digital front end (DFE) features into a single chip, slashing the BOM cost and power envelope of small cell base stations.

OCTEONFusion™ Family: 3G/4G Base Station SoC

This product family consists of multiple SoCs (system-on-a-chip) that enable small cells ranging from 32 users to 300+ users and up to dual 20MHz carriers, delivering industry-leading scalability. OCTEON Fusion is accompanied by FusionStack™ software, a comprehensive, interoperability tested (IOT), carrier-class L1 to L3 software suite for rapid time to market. OCTEON Fusion CPU cores are fully compatible with OCTEON multi-core processors enabling TEMs to seamlessly leverage their Cavium OCTEON-based macrocell L2-L7 software into OCTEON Fusion based small cell designs.

3G/4G Hardware Accelerators

The OCTEON Fusion family is Cavium’s answer to Wireless Network Operators’ and Telecom Equipment Manufacturers’ (TEM) quest for cost effective, compact and highly distributed radio access network for next generation wireless protocols. Carrier grade small cell 3G/LTE base stations to be deployed as the following are prime applications for the OCTEON Fusion products:

  • Low power, Low Cost Enterprise femtocells supporting up to 64 users
  • Carrier grade indoor/outdoor picocell base stations with support for up to 200 users simultaneously on 3G and LTE
  • Carrier deployed dual mode/dual carrier Microcell and small cell supporting up to 300+ users
  • Radio Access Network equipment for vertical specialized wireless networks such as public service, railways etc.


  • Industry’s most scalable and highest performance single chip solution for feature rich enterprise femto to micro base station implementation.
  • Unique carrier class features at full throughput – Self Optimizing Networks (SON), Multi-user MIMO with Interference Cancellation and built in OFDM wireless backhaul
  • Best in class co-processor blocks for security, scheduling, and ROHC for fast upper layer processing and QoS
  • Targeted baseband hardware accelerators and a deterministic single cycle wide bandwidth PHY memory architecture for ultra-low LTE end to end latency.
  • Comprehensive L1-L3 software suite from Cavium that has already undergone thorough IOT for faster operator trial and time to market
  • Leverage of OCTEON’s existing solutions in 2.5G/3G macro base stations with its broad ecosystem support

Product Information

CAVIUM 64bit SoCs for Base Stations at MWC 2014 Cavium talks about and shows their latest enterprise, data center, wired and wireless networking OCTEON and OCTEON Fusion SoCs based on ARMv8 64bit and MIPS, making customized optimized core designs for each in use for cloud servers and base stations among other.
OCTEON Fusion Basestation-on-a-Chip Family OCTEON Fusion Family, the industry's most powerful, small cell "Base Station-on-a-chip" family are specifically designed for LTE & 3G multi-mode small cell base stations, including picocell and micro base stations.

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