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Multicore Mips Soc

OCTEON® Development Kits

The OCTEON multi-core MIPS64 processor family provides a feature-rich environment for rapid development of intelligent next-generation networking and storage products.

Powerful Development Tools
  • Industry-standard GNU toolchain
  • Cycle-accurate simulator
  • Cavium ViewZilla for graphical performance analysis
  • RegEx pattern compiler for HFA Hardware Deep Packet Inspection engines on OCTEON II & III
Rich Code Infrastructure
  • OS: Linux 2.6 (SDK 2.x) for OCTEON II or Linux 3.10 (SDK 3.1.x) 64-bit SMP OS for OCTEON II &  III
  • OCTEON Simple Executive (thin data plane OS)
  • Libraries: ‘C’ acceleration libraries for compression/decompression, pattern matching, encryption/decryption, Robust Header Compression
  • BSP/Drivers: Bootloader/BSP, host drivers, PCI, diagnostics
  • Reference Software: Rich set of software-demonstrating application programming and features
Hardware Development Kits
  • Reference schematics and models to enable rapid and error-free hardware development
Cavium Development Kit (CDK)
The Cavium Development Kit (CDK) includes our Software Development Kit (SDK) and an evaluation board (EVB) for the particular OCTEON family that you plan to develop on

Evaluation and Development Boards
  • Full OCTEON hardware systems with networking and debug I/O. Enables complete application software development prior to availability of the OEM/ODM hardware

Optional Commercial Level Support

  • Cavium offers optional commercial grade support with guaranteed response times, time to initial workaround and time to final resolution, all specified as part of a commercial service level agreement. 
  • Both Annual Unlimited and Annual per Incident packages are available and include maintenance and security patch streams

Mips64 Architecture

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