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IT Managers/End-Users
For the Enterprise, Cavium offers SSL and Crypto Offload Adapters, providing Crypto and SSL Acceleration. The Cavium adapters enhance overall SSL performance while freeing up the server processing cycles, reduce the requirement for additional servers and lower overall security infrastructure costs.  

The SSL offload performance of Cavium Accelerator Boards is market-leading, making them ideal for the following applications:

   •  Web Servers
   •  Load Balancers

This solution enables Enterprises to provide secure access to their customers/partners in a very cost efficient manner. These Accelerator Adapters can also handle bursts in customer traffic at much better response times than standard software implementations.

These adapters can plug into PCI Express slot on standard x86 servers and are very easy to install. They come with Windows Server 2008 R2, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux support.


Acceleration Adapters



OS Support
CN1620-NHB4-E PCI-Express x8 65K RSA 1024b Ops/sec

6Gbps IPSec/SSL throughput
Windows 2008 R2

RHEL 5.x
CN1620-NHB-E PCI-Express x4 18K RSA 1024b Ops/Sec

3.2Gbps IPSec/SSL throughput

Windows 2008 R2

RHEL 5.x  

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