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Layer 7 Content Processor

NITROX® DPI L7 Content Processor Family


The NITROX® DPI processor family includes the CN18XX and CN17XX that provide the most advanced hardware acceleration available for inline, NIC and co-processor Layer 7 content processing. The CN18XX supports completely processor-less mode or can be coupled to OCTEON®, x86, MIPS, PowerPC or other general purpose processors, enabling intelligent, deep packet inspection in next-generation networking and wireless applications from 2 to 40 Gbps performance.

The CN18XX processor family integrates Inline interfaces (Up to four XAUI and up to 8 SGMII), up to two PCI Express Gen 2 x4 or x8 I/Os along with the most advanced deep packet inspection engines, Hyper Finite Automata Thread Engine (HTE), to deliver the highest performance, low latency processing of very complex regular expression rules.

The CN17XX processor family runs in coprocessor mode and supports PCI Express Gen 1 x4 or x8 I/Os. For new designs we recommend using the CN18XX as it supports a superset of CN17XX features.

NITROX DPI processors are targeted for a wide range of applications including application recognition, protocol analysis, flow statistics, application level firewalls, intrusion prevention (IPS), gateway anti-virus, unified threat management and content-based QoS in routers, switches, appliances and services blades.


  • Enterprise Routers and Switches
    • Application Recognition, Protocol Analysis and Flow Statistics
    • SME to high end router control, services and Data-plane
    • Content security & content QoS
  • Data Center Networking Appliances
    • Content security & content QoS
    • Anti-Spam Servers
  • Integrated Security Appliances
    • Next generation SME to high end UTM, AV, IPS Web Filtering, URL Blocking, Anti-Malware, Data Leakage Protection appliances
  • WLAN and WAN Optimization
    • Application Recognition
  • Service Provider 3G/4G/LTE Infrastructure
    • Application Recognition, Protocol Analysis
    • URL Filtering
    • Content security & content QoS


  • High performance for inline or look-aside RegEx processing
  • Lower memory costs reduces overall BOM costs
  • Very small memory footprint for compiled patterns
  • Flexible set of latest I/O interfaces
  • Very Rich regular expression processing syntax supports a broad range of DPI applications
  • Comprehensive development environment
  • Tried and tested solution
  • Supports TurboDPI and wide range of third-party applications


NITROX DPI Processors
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