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Next-Generation Networking Platforms
Linley Gwennap, Principal Analyst, The Linley Group - Analyst
“Integrated multi-core processors with on-chip application acceleration have established themselves as the most efficient method of powering next-generation networking platforms,” said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst at The Linley Group. “In the past 5 years, Cavium has delivered more multi-core products to production, including the NITROX security and OCTEON multi-core MIPS64 processor families, than any other networking silicon supplier. With OCTEON Plus, Cavium raises the bar by offering the world's fastest general-purpose processor for packet processing and security applications.”

Network Services Processors
John Gmuender, Vice President of Engineering at SonicWALL - Customer
"Selecting OCTEON allows us to leverage Cavium' world class processor development team and infrastructure to develop our next generation platforms for integrated security services," said John Gmuender, vice president of engineering at SonicWALL. "OCTEON Network Services Processors provide an unmatched, scalable hardware foundation upon which we can easily build the value added software that forms the key differentiator for SonicWALL products."

Packet Processing and Security Applications
Nir Zuk, CTO, founder of Palo Alto Networks and ex-CTO at Netscreen & Juniper
“…OCTEON offers the best combination of higher layer network processing, application co-processors, performance, power and low to high-end software compatibility. We look forward to the CN58XX to provide us a further boost in our performance and scalability.“

Customer Success Stories
Ding Ying Qiu, Director Eng, 3G Platform, ZTE - Customer
“For our next generation 3G platforms, we conducted an extensive evaluation of several options, and selected Cavium's OCTEON. The main reasons for this selection were OCTEON's superior performance, lower power dissipation, integrated application acceleration and best scalability.”

Semiconductor Video Testimonials
Simon Khalaf, President & CEO, Vernier Networks
“Vernier selected Cavium and OCTEON as our platform processor for extending our current product lines because of its ease of programming, best-of-class integrated hardware acceleration, excellent performance and lower overall cost. This was simply not possible with alternative design approaches.”

Testimonials and Customer Success Stories
Linley Gwennap, Principal Analyst, The Linley Group - Analyst
“As OEMs are adding voice and video functions to both enterprise and infrastructure equipment, the greater routing, provisioning, and quality-of-service requirements are driving a convergence of control and data plane processing," commented Linley Gwennap, principal analyst at The Linley Group. "OCTEON's multiple general-purpose processors and extensive data-plane acceleration support this convergence at multi-gigabit speeds while improving time to market with a simple programming model.”

Akira Takayama, General Manager IT Products Development Division of Yamaha's AV and IT Business Group -Customer
"With the RTX1100, Yamaha has been able to achieve industry-leading price/performance in a VPN-over-broadband environment," said Akira Takayama, General Manager IT Products Development Division of Yamaha's AV and IT Business Group. "We chose the NITROX Soho Processor as it is a stable, robust product. Moreover, it enabled a very rapid time-to-market due to the high scalability of this product family that allowed us to leverage the development effort from the RTX1000, and the excellent technical support from Cavium."

Testimonials and Customer Success Stories
Zohar Kaufman, SofaWare's Director of R&D -Customer
"Using the NITROX Soho processor helped us deliver price-performance, and the broadest capabilities for customers of our award winning wireless access and security appliances," said Zohar Kaufman, SofaWare's Director of R&D. "The combination of Check Point®, SofaWare and NITROX Soho technologies is a winning one that delivers high-performance and easy to use security and access for small business customers."

Success story - Advanced Manufacturing
Erik Giesa, VP of Product Management and Marketing at F5 Networks - Customer
"F5 chose Cavium because they allowed us to meet our high SSL performance requirements for BIG-IP," said Erik Giesa, VP of Product Management and Marketing at F5 Networks. "Cavium also provided us a highly scalable security processor family with a range of price/performance points that utilizes the same software API. The software re-use coupled with the product breadth greatly eased our development and has enabled us to deliver the best performing and the broadest range of secure BIG-IP products to the market."

Semiconductor and IC Design Success Stories
John Nielson, Director, Business Development, MontaVista Software - Partner
"The flexibility and tight integration of MontaVista Linux with the MIPS64-based OCTEON NSPs will give networking equipment manufacturers a powerful platform to rapidly develop highly differentiated products," said John Nielson, Director, Business Development, MontaVista Software. "This combination of high performance network services, content and security and the availability of standard software applications will boost the rapid deployment of advanced features into mainstream networking equipment across all price/performance ranges."

University Success Stories
Microprocessor Report (October 2004)
"Cavium has announced its ground breaking OCTEON family. For the first time a single chip has the processing and I/O resources to handle L3-L7 packet routing, deep packet filtering and security."

Operational Excellence Consulting
Kevin Krewell, Editor in chief, Microprocessor Report (September 2004)
"Cavium initiative to combine multiple processor technologies in an innovative, easy to use architecture represents the beginning of the next wave of highly integrated, multi-core processors that will serve as the heart of next-generation intelligent networking equipment."
Network Services Processors
Next Generation 3G Platforms
Alan Sguigna, vice president of marketing for Spirent Communications - Customer
"Cavium NITROX market-leading performance and rich feature-set helps fuel Spirent's security products and boosts our continued leadership in high performance test solutions that improve network security."
NITROX Soho Processor
Wireless Access and Security Appliances
Lawrence Lu, Founder and CTO of Array Networks - Customer
"We chose Cavium NITROX Security Macro Processor family because of its unmatched performance, feature set and cost," said Lawrence Lu, Founder and CTO of Array Networks. "NITROX 's scalability, flexibility and common software interface allows us to use hardware based SSL acceleration seamlessly across our products."
SSL Performance Requirements
Linley Gwennap, Chairperson of NPC West 2002 - Award
"We chose Cavium' NITROX Security Macro Processor as the Best Coprocessor because of its flexibility, programmability and scalability," said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst of The Linley Group and Chairperson of NPC West. "The Best Coprocessor Award is recognition of Cavium innovative programmable architecture and unique system solution for small, enterprise and carrier edge networking equipment."
IPSec and SSL Applications
Linley Gwennap, Principal Analyst, The Linley Group - Analyst
"An in-line design is a must for high-performance security processing, because the look-aside approach runs out of gas in multi-gigabit applications," noted Linley Gwennap, principal analyst of The Linley Group. "Cavium is the first vendor to build an in-line security processor and, not coincidentally, has the industry's fastest chip for both IPSec and SSL applications. Yet the flexibility and price/performance range of the NITROX II family make it well suited to a variety of security appliances, data-center equipment, networked storage devices, and edge routers."
"With the addition of the new NITROX Lite processors, Cavium software-compatible NITROX family now spans all of the popular performance points, with scalability to ultra-high performance as needed," said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst of The Linley Group. "The breadth and strong price/performance of these products will enable greater deployment of security-enabled networking equipment. Cavium powerful products, established customer base, and ongoing roadmap position the company as a key player in the security processor market."
Security-enabled Networking Equipment
Jeff Wilson, Directing Analyst, Infonetics - Analyst
"Businesses are increasingly using the Internet for commerce, remote access, and remote storage, but they are demanding increased security. Deployments of IPSec VPNs, clientless remote access using SSL web-browsers, any-where Storage using iSCSI, and XML based secure web applications using Microsoft.NET are growing rapidly," said Jeff Wilson, Directing Analyst at Infonetics Research. "Cavium NITROX Plus family will enable accelerated deployment of cost effective multi service security."
Content-aware Networking Equipment
John Bruggeman, Chief Marketing Officer for Wind River - Partner
"Through our rich partner ecosystem, Wind River supports a broad range of processors, which enable its customers to develop and run their device software better, faster, at a lower cost and more reliably, " said John Bruggeman, Chief Marketing Officer for Wind River. "Cavium' new OCTEON processor coupled with Wind River's market-leading Platform eliminates the need for design engineers to spend time on hardware and software integration, allowing them to focus on rapidly building the next-generation of content-aware networking equipment."
VPN deployment
Stephen Kent - Co-Inventor of IPsec
"IPsec is the critical, enabling standard for businesses looking to rapid VPN deployment and killer applications like SAN/NAS," said Stephen Kent, Chief Scientist of BBN Technologies. "The wire speed performance and comprehensive IPsec packet processing of Cavium NITROX processor provide an excellent basis for creating products that will enable IPsec-based security to become ubiquitous."
IPsec-based Security
Paul Kocher - Co-inventor of SSL 3.0
"Security is not just about fast encryption but also includes delivering a complete security system incorporating strong protocols, robust key management and high assurance. Adding security to networking equipment like SSL servers and content load balancers will require special processors," said Paul Kocher, President of Cryptography Research. "Cavium unique NITROX processors provide a complete, feature rich solution with unparalleled performance and a low cost of deployment."
SSL Servers and Content Load Balancers

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