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Cavium Networks Introduces New NITROX® PX Security Processor Family for Networking and Wireless Applications

Market-leading NITROX Security Processor Family adds new algorithms, features and PCI-Express interface

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., September 11, 2006 – Cavium Networks, a world leader in security, network services and embedded processor solutions, today announced the NITROX PX Security Processor family with 8 new products targeted at next-generation IP Security (IPsec), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Wireless security applications. The NITROX PX Family addresses requirements for new and essential security algorithms and product interfaces by including hardware acceleration for SHA-2, AES-GCM and KASUMI algorithms, and PCI-Express interface in a single chip. The NITROX PX security processors feature the GigaCipher v2 cores with increased code store and enhanced hardware queuing, which enables richer protocol processing and multi-protocol performance. All products are fully software compatible with Cavium Networks market-leading NITROX family of security processors and are offered with either a PCI-X 64/133 interface that is NITROX family pin-compatible or PCI-Express x4 interface. The NITROX PX Family delivers the industry’s most scalable symmetric encryption performance, ranging from 500 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps, and asymmetric performance from 4000 to 17,000 RSA operations per second. Existing customers of Cavium Networks’ NITROX Lite products can seamlessly upgrade to the NITROX PX PCI- Express version and get the benefits of new algorithms, higher performance and new features. The PCI Express version enables customers to upgrade to new generation motherboards with PCI-Express interfaces. The NITROX PX Security Processors are being adopted by Tier-1 vendors for security and networking appliances, routing, L3+ switching, storage and wireless products. Cavium Networks will present details on the NITROX PX security processor family on Sept 21st at the Linley Group’s Embedded Network Security Design Seminar, being held in San Jose, California.

NITROX PX Offload Supports the Latest IPsec and SSL Security Algorithms
Existing secure networking equipment is being upgraded to incorporate new security algorithms that will be deployed in the market by 2008. These new algorithms include SHA-2 and AES-GCM. SHA-2, which consists of the SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 algorithms, offers increased and robust security protection over the currently deployed SHA-1 algorithm for hashing and digital signature applications. Rapid adoption of SHA-2 is being encouraged by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). AES-GCM is expected to replace the existing 3DES and AES-CTR encryption algorithms used for IPsec VPN applications as it provides an efficient implementation for confidentiality and data origin authenticity. The NITROX PX family offers unmatched hardware acceleration capability for these two algorithms. Additionally, NITROX PX integrates RSA acceleration required for secure session setups with up to 4096-bit key length support.

The NITROX PX Family of Security Processors provides customers with unique features that include:
  • Full IPsec, SSL, and WLAN protocol processing offload
  • Patented macro processing for SSL handshake acceleration
  • Simultaneous protocol processing with dynamic adaptability and bandwidth allocation
NITROX PX Includes the Fastest Security Acceleration for Next Gen Mobile Networks
Next-generation CDMA and GSM mobile networking equipment require the KASUMI algorithm and its variants for confidentiality, integrity and encryption, as mandated by the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT-2000). Additionally, performance requirements are increasing rapidly to support the wireless transmission of voice and data at high data rates of 384 kbps – 2 Mbps per user. The NITROX PX security processors support up to 2.5Gbps of KASUMI performance.

"Upgrading to new encryption and authentication algorithms is critical for new network security equipment," said Bob Wheeler , senior analyst at The Linley Group. "Over the past 5 years, Cavium has gained significant customer adoption for its NITROX security processors and is now a leading supplier with the broadest and most versatile security processor product line. The NITROX PX processors will extend Cavium's leadership by providing Networking OEMs a compatible, scalable and ready-to-use solution with PCI-X and PCI Express connectivity."

NITROX PX CN15XX and CN16XX Security Processors
The NITROX PX processors are available in two host-bus interface options. The CN15XX Security Processors, with PCI-X interface, and the CN16XX Security Processors, with x4 PCI-Express interface, each includes 4 different products, ranging in IPsec, SSL or KASUMI performance from 500 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps, and RSA ops performance from 4000/s to 17000/s. The CN15XX processors, available in a 256 PBGA package, are fully software, and pin-compatible with Cavium Networks’ NITROX Lite processors to allow for seamless transition in customer designs. The CN16XX PCI-Express security processors also maintain full software compatibility with Cavium Networks NITROX. The NITROX PX processors do not require any external memory for reduced bill of material cost and consume very low power from 2 watts to 3 watts. All NITROX PX products support the full range of bulk encryption and hashing algorithms (DES, 3DES, AES, ARC4, KASUMI, SHA1, SHA2, MD5), public key processing algorithms (RSA up to 4096-bit key and Diffie-Hellman), and complete IPsec Packet, SSL record processing and WLAN security for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.

“We are committed to providing the most advanced security technology and interfaces to our existing customer base, in a fully software- and hardware-compatible manner,” said Rajiv Khemani, VP of Marketing at Cavium Networks. “The NITROX PX security processor family demonstrates this commitment by delivering industry-leading performance, price, and power options to our customers.”

Availability and Pricing
NITROX PX security processors and associated accelerator boards will sample in Q4 2006 with production quantities available in Q1 2007. Processor pricing ranges from $49 to $139 in 1K quantities, for 500 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps performance options.

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