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FastLinQ® Performance NICs

FastLinQ® Performance NICs optimize server hardware utilization by scaling high-density virtualization and increase data center IT agility and scalability by enabling an efficient deployment of a secure multi-tenant cloud.

FastLinQ® 45000 Series

The Cavium™ FastLinQ® 45000 Series Ethernet Adapters are advanced high-performance adapters that are ideally suited for enterprise-class data centers, public and private clouds, managed service providers (MSPs) and telco deployments. The FastLinQ 45000 Series include adapters that support 10/25/40/50/100Gb Ethernet (10/25/40/50/100GbE) and provide key features that include Universal RDMA, server virtualization with NIC partitioning (NPAR) and single root IO virtualization (SR-IOV), networking tunneling with stateless offload for Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN), Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation (NVGRE), Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) and Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation (GENEVE).


The Cavium™ FastLinQ® 45000 Series Ethernet family includes 25GbE and 100GbE adapters with direct attach copper (DAC) connections that support LAN (TCP/IP) traffic at full line-rate speeds and key features for enterprise-class data centers and private/public cloud deployments:

  • Scalable networks with 2.5X bandwidth for 25GbE when compared to 10GbE and more than 2X port density when compared to 40GbE
  • Optimum server performance with PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen3 x8 (25GbE) and x16 (40GbE and 100GbE)
  • Low latency and high throughput with multi-protocol RDMA with support for RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), RoCE v2 and Internet wide area RDMA protocol (iWARP)
  • Adaptive link controls for seamless zero-touch interoperability with industry wide 10/25/100GbE switches and cables using FastLinQ SmartAN™ technology
  • Enhanced CPU efficiency for network tunneling with stateless offloads for VXLAN, NVGRE, GRE, and GENEVE
  • Advanced server virtualization features such as NPAR and SR-IOV
  • High-performance network storage with iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER), Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabric (NVMe-oF), Network File System over RDMA (NFSoRDMA), Server Message Block over RDMA (SMB Direct), Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), and VMware para-virtualized RDMA (pvRDMA)
  • Simplified deployment, troubleshooting and lifecycle management using the QConvergeConsole® (QCC) GUI, QCC PowerKit, Cavium's QLogic® Control Suite (QCS) CLI, vCenter GUI/ESXCLI Plug-ins, and OpenStack integration
  • Enhanced management interface with Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP) over PCIe support
  • Network boot support for PreBoot Execution Environment (PXE) 2.0, iSCSI remote boot and UEFI boot

Product Information

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Part Number Bus Ports Speed Connection Type
    QL45211HLCU PCIe Gen 3 x 8 1 25Gbps SFP28: DAC, AOC
    QL45212HLCU PCIe Gen 3 x 8 2 25Gbps SFP28: DAC, AOC
    QL45411HLCU PCIe Gen 3 x 16 1 40Gbps QSFP+: DAC, SR Optics
    QL45412HLCU PCIe Gen 3 x 16 2 40Gbps QSFP+: DAC, SR Optics
    QL45462HLCU PCIe Gen 3 x 16 2 40Gbps QSFP+: DAC, SR Optics
    QL45611HLCU PCIe Gen 3 x 16 1   100Gbps QSFP28: DAC, SR Optics


OCP 2.0 Gen 3 x 16

1 100Gbps

QSFP28: DAC, SR Optics

Product Literature
FastLinQ QL4521x Series

25Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe 3.0 Intelligent Ethernet Adapters

FastLinQ QL4541xHLCU

40GbE Intelligent Ethernet Adapters

FastLinQ QL45462HLCU

40Gbps PCIe Gen 3 Intelligent Ethernet Adapters

FastLinQ QL45611HLCU

100Gbps Ethernet-to-PCIe Gen3 Intelligent Ethernet Adapter

FastLinQ QL45631HOCU

1x100Gbps OCP 2.0 QSFP28Intelligent Ethernet Adapter

iSER RDMA Accelerates Storage

Accelerate iSCSI storage with universal Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA).

NVMe Direct

Next-generation offload technology enables high-performance iSCSI-based external NVMe flash storage.

Network Function Virtualization Using Data Plane Developer's Kit

Enabling 25GbE to 100GbE virtual network functions with FastLinQ Intelligent Ethernet Adapters.


Accelerate network performance and lower costs for enterprise data center and cloud environments.

Visualize I/O Connectivity for VMware® vSphere®

Cavium QConvergeConsole Plug-in for VMware vCenter simplifies and accelerates deployment and management.

Unified Adapter Management Across the Data Center

Cavium QConvergeConsole simplifies and accelerates deployment and management in Windows and Linux.

FastLinQ 25GbE Intelligent Ethernet Adapters vs. Mellanox Adapters

FastLinQ QL45000 25GbE adapters provide maximum performance and flexible bandwidth management to optimize virtualized servers and networks.

Cavium FastLinQ 45000 Series Interoperability Matrix

This document identifies the supported standards and lists the cables, modules, and switches tested for interoperability with Cavium adapters.

Accelerating Network Virtualization Overlays with Intelligent Ethernet Adapters

ESG Lab tested the performance benefits of offloading tunneling for network virtualization overlays for 10GbE and 25GbE.

25GbE: The Future of Ethernet

Ixia and Cavium validate end-to-end interoperability of 25 Gigabit Ethernet.

Media and Analyst Coverage

Read the latest news about Cavium and our products.

Cavium QConvergeConsole

Simplified Management for Fibre Channel, Intelligent Ethernet and Converged Network Adapters.

Cavium Overview of 2550100

Presentation describes the fast and smart technology behind the 25/50/100GbE adapters.

FastLinQ Performance NICs [OCP 2.0 Form Factor]


Bus Ports Connection Speed


OCP 2.0 Gen 3 x 16

1 QSFP28


FastLinQ Performance NICs [PCIe Form Factor]


Bus Ports Connection Speed


PCIe Gen 3 x 8





PCIe Gen 3 x 8




QL45411HLCU PCIe Gen 3 x 16 1 QSFP+: DAC, SR Optics 40Gbps
QL45412HLCU PCIe Gen 3 x 16 2 QSFP+: DAC, SR Optics 40Gbps


PCIe Gen 3 x 16



FastLinQ Converged Adapter Models - QL45000 Family


Bus Ports Connection Speed
QL45462HLCU PCIe Gen 3 x 16 2 QSFP+: DAC, SR Optics 40Gbps

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25GbE Technology

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Universal RDMA

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