CriticalBlue Provides Multicore Software Development Analysis Environment for OCTEON and OCTEON II Processors

CriticalBlue's Prism software enables software developers to quickly analyze the benefits of migrating their software to Cavium's multicore processors

SAN JOSE AND MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - August 4, 2010 - CriticalBlue, a pioneer in embedded multicore software analysis, exploration and verification tools, and Cavium Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAVM), provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, communications and the digital home, announced today immediate support for the OCTEON  and OCTEON II architectures within CriticalBlue's Prism software analysis, exploration and verification product. Prism can now be used by software developers building applications on multicore OCTEON and OCTEON II processors. A free 30 day evaluation copy of the Prism Core PSP for cnMIPS can be downloaded from the CriticalBlue website:

Going beyond purely mapping software to multicore hardware, with this release users are able to quantify the benefit of software migration to the dual issue superscalar OCTEON and OCTEON II families. Users are able to analyze data cache misses and pipeline stalls on a thread, function or source line level, resulting in an ability to see the impact of such cache misses on the overall concurrent schedule. All of this can be done on an existing unmodified software application running on a single core model or development board. Beyond that, experienced multicore software programmers will benefit from Prism's capabilities in the area of performance tuning and multicore software verification. View a 3 minute demonstration of Critical Blue's Prism capability on OCTEON by visiting:

Prism is an award winning Eclipse-based embedded multicore programming system which allows software engineers to easily assess and realize the full potential of multicore processors without significant changes to their development flow. Prism analyzes the behavior of code running on hardware development boards, virtual machines or simulators. It allows engineers to take their existing sequential code, and before making any changes, explore and analyze opportunities for concurrency. Having identified the optimal parallelization strategies in this way, developers implement parallel structures, and use Prism again to verify performance efficiency and thread-safe operations.

Cavium Networks' OCTEON family of Multi-Core MIPS64 processors is the industry's most scalable, highest-performance, and lowest-power solution for intelligent networking applications ranging from 100Mbps to 40Gbps. These software-compatible processors, with one to thirty-two cnMIPS cores on a single chip, integrate next-generation networking I/Os along with the most advanced security, storage, and application hardware acceleration, offering unprecedented throughput and programmability for the Layer 2 through Layer 7 processing requirements of intelligent networks.

About CriticalBlue
CriticalBlue is a pioneer of flexible, automated system design solutions that meet the increasing performance, power, and cost demands associated with the delivery of advanced electronic products within today's demanding design schedules. The increasing use of complex, multicore processor architectures has accelerated demand for CriticalBlue's technology and expertise throughout all electronic industry sectors. Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, with offices in San Jose, California, and Tokyo, Japan, the company has delivered multiple solutions for key aspects of embedded software design, including Prism, a multicore embedded software design environment, and Cascade, a software accelerator synthesis technology. The company is funded by European, US Silicon Valley, Japanese venture capitalists and corporate investors. To learn more, please visit


About Cavium Networks
Cavium Networks is a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, communications and the digital home. Cavium Networks offers a broad portfolio of integrated, software-compatible processors ranging in performance from 100 Mbps to 40 Gbps that enable secure, intelligent functionality in enterprise, data-center, broadband/consumer and access and service provider equipment. Cavium Networks processors are supported by ecosystem partners that provide operating systems, tool support, reference designs and other services. Cavium Network’s principal offices are in Mountain View, CA with design team locations in California, Massachusetts, India and Taiwan. For more information, please visit:

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