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Cavium Announces Shipment of 64-core NITROX® III - World's Highest Performance Security and Compression Processors for Cloud Computing and Enterprise

40Gbps NITROX III Processors deliver up to 5x SSL (HTTPS) performance over alternatives, along with unique compression & virtualization features consuming significantly lower power

San Jose, Calif., October31, 2011–Cavium, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, communications, and the digital home, announced initial shipments of NITROX® III processors to multiple application delivery and enterprise OEM customers. The NITROX III security processor family integrates 16 to 64 purpose-built security RISC cores and multiple compression engines to deliver up to 200K SSL ops, 40Gbps SSL and IPSec and 20Gbps compression processing along with virtualization hardware with a PCI-Express Gen 2 16-lane interface. This level of performance is up to 5 times greater than alternative multi-chip solutions within the same power envelope. The NITROX product line is the industry leading security processor line designed into data center, cloud infrastructure, enterprise and service provider equipment including Application Delivery Controllers, Cloud Server Offload, WAN Optimization Appliances, UTM Gateways, routers, switches and servers. NITROX III processors are software compatible with Cavium’s widely-adopted NITROX PX processors with 12x performance increase, enabling increased scalability with seamless software re-use.

“With NITROX III, we now offer unmatched SSL, Security and Compression performance and Hardware virtualization support in a single chip within an extremely compact and power-efficient form-factor,” said Rajneesh Gaur, General Manager of Cavium’s Accelerator & Adapter Group.“With virtualized cloud services and enterprise applications driving an ever increased need for high performance SSL security with 2048 bit keys, IPSec and compression, our customers are designing winning solutions with NITROX III to address these high compute intensive requirements.”

The NITROX III Security Processor family delivers unmatched SSL and IPSec performance, Single Root IO Virtualization (SR-IOV), compression performance and very low power consumption. The single-chip NITROX III processors do not require external memory enabling lower cost, power and real-estate. Additionally, the NITROX III processors are supported by Cavium’s NITROX software development kit (SDK) and are software compatible with the current generation of NITROX PX parts that are widely deployed at several Tier 1 networking and security vendors.

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