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Cavium PACE Ecosystem Partners Announce Broad Support for New 100Gbps OCTEON® III MIPS64® Processor Family

100 Plus Strong Ecosystem Partners Supply Broad Range of Operating Systems, Development Tools, Applications, Middleware, Hardware Platforms, and Consulting Expertise

San Jose, Calif., Feb 7, 2012 –Cavium, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, communications, and the digital home, announced today that it has received unprecedented commitments from many of its “Partnership to Accelerate Customer End-Solutions” (PACE) ecosystem partners to extend their support to its new state-of-the art OCTEON® III MIPS64® family of 1 – 48 core multicore processors that deliver over 100Gbps of application performance per chip, and allow for linear scaling across multiple chips in a fully coherent fashion.

Cavium OCTEON III processors are optimized for use in cloud computing, high-end core and edge routers, Metro Ethernet, Enterprise switches, 3G/4G/LTE base-stations, Enterprise security gateways and appliances, storage networking and mobile core infrastructure equipment.

“Cavium’s PACE partners have proved invaluable in delivering industry-leading multi-core hardware and software solutions based on our OCTEON family across three generations which has helped us achieve a leading market position,” said Rajiv Khemani, Chief Operating Officer at Cavium. “Their combined support for our new OCTEON III family will continue to enable customers to bring highly differentiated systems quickly to market.”

Supporting Partner Quotes

6WIND: “Networking and telecom equipment manufacturers have developed best-in-class products by using the 6WINDGate software on earlier generations of Cavium processors,” said Eric Carmès, CEO of 6WIND. “With support for the new OCTEON III family, we look forward to enabling these customers to quickly extend their product lines for high-performance applications. At the same time, by maintaining full compatibility with standard Operating System APIs, 6WINDGate enables new customers to quickly develop or migrate their application software, thereby accelerating time-to-market and reducing schedule risk.”

Advantech: “Advantech’s new board based on OCTEON III processors will increase the performance across the entire Packetarium Network Platform family, in particular for the high-end NCP-7560 4U system, enabling much higher levels of network intelligence,” said Byron Lin, Director at Advantech’s Networks and Communications Group. “The NCPB-2330 board, with up to 48 cores and enhanced accelerators, is a natural step up for our Packetarium customers using our current 32-core OCTEON II CN6880 or 12-core OCTEON II CN5650 boards. Packetarium, our cost-effective alternative to ATCA, will have a higher-end processor board suitable for a broader range of networking applications,” continued Lin. “The enterprise networking and cloud service provider markets find its compact, cost-optimized design over ATCA particularly appealing.”

Emerson Network Power: Rob Pettigrew, Director of Marketing at Emerson Network Power’s Embedded Computing business, said: “AdvancedTCA has become the industry standard form factor for carrier grade infrastructure. As engineers design the next generation network elements that have ever greater packet processing needs, such as platforms for quality of service management, regulatory, copyright or policy enforcement, lawful intercept or content-aware routing, they need the latest and greatest technologies. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the Cavium processor roadmap to address the processing density and scalability needed for the future.”

Kontron: “The combination of Kontron quality engineering of open standard telecom hardware and Cavium advanced packet processor technologies provides a compelling solution to TEMs to significantly improve their design cycles and capture more market share in the carrier space,” said Benoit Robert, Executive Director, Product Management, Kontron. “The Cavium OCTEON® III processor family represents yet another opportunity for Kontron and Cavium to extend those benefits to TEMS long into the future.”

Kaspersky Lab: “Today, our partners are threatened more than ever since malware such as worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and other malicious applications become both smarter and more numerous,” explains Stephane Le Hir, Kaspersky Lab’s Vice-President Global Business Development. “Combining a new generation of Kaspersky Lab’s Anti-Malware technology with Cavium’s next generation OCTEON III Processor with its leading DPI hardware helps our partners detect and eliminate the most dangerous and prevalent threats without sacrificing network performance.”

Lauterbach: “Lauterbach has worked closely with Cavium for many years in support of its network architectures and cores. With TRACE32, developers who are creating products around OCTEON’s MIPS cores have access to a full range of debug functionality from bootstrap code, interrupt routines, drivers to application software,” said Norbert Weiss, International Sales & Marketing Manager at Lauterbach. “We look forward to supporting OCTEON III family.”

Macraigor Systems: “Deciding to support the OCTEON III was a simple decision. We support the other OCTEON families and have a close working relationship with Cavium and many of their customers,” said Craig Haller, Managing Partner of Macraigor Systems.

MIPS Technologies: “Cavium is keeping one step ahead of the industry’s appetite for ever-more sophisticated multi-core processor technologies capable of processing increasingly large amounts of data. We are pleased that Cavium continues its innovation around the 64-bit MIPS architecture, which has been the basis of a wide range of networking equipment, servers and other equipment since 1991. As data traffic increases across wired and mobile networks for streaming media, cloud computing and storage networking, companies are increasingly looking to the MIPS architecture to provide the high performance and efficiency needed for the next generation of products,” said Sandeep Vij, President and CEO, MIPS Technologies.

MontaVista Software: “MontaVista is excited to support the next generation of the OCTEON SOC family.  The market leading performance and scalability of the power-efficient OCTEON III architecture is perfectly aligned with the network and communications market in which MontaVista has been pioneering commercial Linux and advanced network solutions for the past decade,” said James Ready, Chief Technology Officer at MontaVista Software.

PLX Technology: “PLX and Cavium continue to work together on several tier-1 designs using OCTEON processors,” said David Raun, vice president of marketing and business development at PLX Technology.  “In those designs, PLX PCI Express switches provide a crucial interconnect between OCTEON and other diverse endpoints.  Moving forward, PLX is strategically developing PCI Express Gen3 switches to support the Cavium OCTEON III processors.  Our collaboration will deliver industry-leading processing and interconnect technology to worldwide designers of high-performance systems.”

Radisys: “We are excited about Cavium’s OCTEON III processors as we look to continue our innovative packet processing solutions that offer cutting-edge performance, flexibility and throughput that the market has come to expect from Radisys,” said Venkataraman Prasannan, General Manager, ATCA at Radisys. “Through our collaboration with Cavium on the first three generations of OCTEON, we gained invaluable experience helping customers through development and deployment. We will leverage that expertise to help TEMs reduce their time-to-market while improving the price and performance of their systems with OCTEON III.”

TeamF1: "We expect Cavium’s OCTEON III processors to be an excellent fit for our high-end networking OEMs. Comprehensive support for this advanced family of processors is a key initiative for our development team,” said Mukesh Lulla, president of TeamF1. "We are confident that our ongoing strategic efforts with Cavium will provide our mutual customers with the high-quality solutions that they have come to expect of both companies, while reducing integration risk and development costs."

Vineyard Networks: “We’re very excited to release support for the OCTEON series of processors, and the OCTEON III platform introduces a whole new level of performance for our NAVL DPI Engine,” says Jason Richards, CEO of Vineyard Networks.  “This next-generation of processors will enable next-generation DPI at the speeds required in today and tomorrow’s core network.”

Wind River: "Wind River offers broad multicore software support for Cavium OCTEON processors," said Roger Williams, Vice President of Alliances and Business Development at Wind River. “The high performance capabilities and backwards compatibility of the OCTEON III combined with our optimized multicore software will help customers get to market faster and realize the full potential of their multicore-based applications.”

Multicore Partnership to Accelerate Customer End-Solutions (PACE)
The OCTEON product lines are supported by Cavium’s huge ecosystem of over 100 PACE™ partners who deliver optimized OCTEON multi-core solutions across operating systems, development tools, applications, stacks, debuggers, complimentary silicon, middleware, hardware and software consulting, and a wide range of hardware appliances and platforms.

PACE members include: 6WIND, Abatron, Accton Technology Co., Adax, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., Advantech, AFORE Solutions Inc., Apogee, Arada Systems, Aricent Technologies, Arkoon Network Security, Atheros (now Qualcomm), AudioCodes Ltd., Avonaco Communication Systems, Axentra Corporation, Bayside Design Inc., BitDefender, Broadweb, Buffalo, CalSys, Inc., CriticalBlue Limited, D2 Technologies, Data Connection Ltd. (now Metaswitch Networks), Effnet AB, embedUR, Emerson Network Power, Enea, Entropic Communications, Fulcrum Microsystems (now Intel), GDA Technologies, GE Intelligent Platforms, Green Hills Software, Heat Technology Inc., IDT,  Interface Masters, Interphase, Jungo, Kaspersky Lab, Kontron, KTNF, Kyma Systems, L&T Infotech, Lanbird, Lanner Electronics, Lattice Semiconductor, Lauterbach GmbH, Macraigor Systems, Mailshell, Mentor Graphics, Mocana Corporation, MontaVista Software, Mototech, Inc., Nari Networks, Inc., NEI, Nimbus, Inc., NTFS-3G Technology Ltd., Paxym, Portwell, PLX Technology, picoChip, QNX Software Systems, QOSMOS, Radisys, Renesas, SafeNet, Inc., Sensory Networks, Sercomm Corporation, Silicon Labs, Skelmir, Sophos, SpectraLinear, Tail-f Systems, Tata Elxsi Limited, TeamF1, VadaTech, Inc., Vineyard Networks, Wind River, Whizz Systems, Inc., Wipro, Wistron, and Zarlink (now Microsemi Corporation).

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The OCTEON III family integrates 1 to 48 MIPS64 cores, at up to 2.5GHz, providing up to 120GHz of industry-leading 64 bit compute power per chip. Multiple chips can be combined into a single logical high-performance processor using Cavium’s innovative new chip interconnect architecture. All OCTEON III’s also incorporate new dedicated hardware engines to speed search, protocol parsing and traffic management as well as enhanced cryptography, compression and deep packet inspection engines.  For more information about OCTEON III please visit: .

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