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OCTEON® II CN63XX Processors

OCTEON® II CN63XX Multi-Core MIPS64 Internet Application Processors


OCTEONand OCTEON Plus Multi-Core MIPS64 Based SoCs are an ideal solution for scalable networking equipment with common software spanning multiple performance ranges.

Below are popular block diagrams for designing high-performance networking, control and storage applications:

Wireless Base Stations
• Application
- 3G Base Station
- 4G/LTE eNodeB Base Station
- WiMAX Base Station

• Benefits
- High density computing (9GHz) within
   stringent thermal budget
- Direct connectivity to FPGA/DSP for PHY
- Complete solution for MAC processing and
   L3-L7 processing in single chip
- High throughput (Up to 15M pps)
Multi-Core MIPS64 Based SoCs

• Application
- Security Appliance
- L4-L7 Appliance
- Storage Encryption/Compression Appliance

• Benefits
- Complete motherboard processing solution
   with performance up to 10Gbps
- Very low power
- Complete acceleration for networking,
   security, storage
MIPS64 Internet Application Processors

Integrated Management and Data Application

• Application
- Single-chip Intelligent services router
- L2 – L7 integrated processing solution

• Benefits
- Single-chip solution with up to 10Gbps
- PCIe v2, XAUI, SGMII, and SRIO for
   flexible system and network I/O
- Advanced QoS for Hypernetworking
- Integrated control and dataplane
   applications with resource protection

Intelligent services MIPS64 Processors

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