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OCTEON® II CN67XX/CN68XX Processors

OCTEON® II CN67XX/CN68XX Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors


OCTEON and OCTEON Plus Multi-Core MIPS64 Based SoCs are an ideal solution for scalable networking equipment with common software spanning multiple performance ranges.

Below are popular block diagrams for designing high-performance networking, control and storage applications:

Leading Services/ATCA Blade Solution
• Application
- 4G/LTE Mobile Infrastructure
- Edge/Core Router Line-Card or Services
- Enterprise Switch Line-Card or Services
- Datacenter Switch Line-Card or Services

• Benefits
- 40Gbps Comprehensive Services
- Up to 90+GHz compute on a single blade
- Security DPI Compression
- Standards Based Serial Connectivity
Leading Multi-Core MIPS64 Based SoCs

Leading Appliance Solution
• Application
- WAN Optimization Appliance
- Storage Appliance
- Unified Threat Management Appliance
- L4-L7 Switch
- Wireless LAN Controller

• Benefits
- Highest Throughput Security Networking
   Storage Wireless
- Seamless Connectivity to Coprocessors
- Scalability To Multiple Processors
- Full HW Acceleration
Leading Multi-Core MIPS64 Based SoCs Appliance Solution

High Performance Storage Systems

• Application
- FC to IP Bridge
- FCoE Switch
- Storage Array
- Storage Networking Appliance

• Benefits
- Super Compute & On-Chip Memory Up to
   48GHz 4MB of L2 cache
- Powerful Storage Accelerators De-Dup
- Scalability Of Performance with Flows/Ports
- Intelligent IO & Hyper Memory
   Up-to-18GB/s of Mem BW

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