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NITROX® Security Adapters

NITROX® Security Adapters

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Cavium has a wide variety of NITROX® XL Adapter products. These adapters plug into industry-standard PCI Express Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 slots. The adapters scale in performance from 5K 2048-bit RSA Operations/second to 140K 2048-bit RSA Operations/sec. These adapters also provide industries highest performance ECC, compression and Bulk crypto solution.

With up to 256 Virtual Functions and high performance, these adapters provide ideal solution for Cloud Servers and Appliances targeted towards virtual environments. These adapters can be used for a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Application Delivery Controller (ADC)
  • WAN Optimization
  • TSecured Cloud Computing
  • Server Offload
  • UTM Gateway, Routers
  • Load Balancers/L4+ switches
  • Integrated VPN/Firewall appliances
  • Wireless LAN and WAN equipment
  • Secured Telco gateways
  • Storage Arrays

Cavium provides a comprehensive Software Development Kit that includes C-source code for Linux, DPDK, FreeBSD, Kvm and XEN drivers. The SDK also includes APIs for OpenSSL, IPsec, Zlib, key management, test utilities and reference code for easy portability.

Product Information

Nitrox V XL NHB Adapter

Device Bulk Crypto ECC (p256) ops/sec 2048b RSA ops/sec Comp Dimensions
CNN55xx-NHB-G 15Gbs to 100Gbps 45K to 300K 20K to 120K X 2.54" x 6.6"
CNN55xx-Cxx-NHB-G 15Gbs to 100Gbps 45K to 300K 20K to 120K 15G to 100G 2.54" x 6.6"

Nitrox III XL NHB Adapter

Device Bulk Crypto 1024b RSA ops/sec 2048b RSA ops/sec Comp Dimensions
CNN35xx-NHB-G 5G to 20G 35K to 230K 6K to 41K X 2.54" x 6.6"
CNN35xx-Cxx-NHB-G 5G to 20G 35K to 230K 6K to 41K 5G to 20G 2.54" x 6.6"
CNN35XX-NHB4-G 60G 1M 140K X 2.54" x 9.9"
CNN35XX-Cxx-NHB4-G 60G 1M 140K 60G 2.54" x 9.9"
Product Literature
Download Nitrox-XL_CNN35XX Product Brief

NITROX XL CNN35XX adapter family delivers the world's highest security and compression performance for application delivery, cloud computing and WAN optimization appliances.

Accelerator Adaptors and Boards

Nitrox based crypto and FIPS adapters Cavium offer solutions delivering 50Mbps to 60Gbps of encryption bandwidth with 1K to 800K RSA/DH operations per sec.

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