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XPliant® Ethernet Switch Product Family

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XPliant® Ethernet Switch Product Family


The XPliant® CNX880XX family of Ethernet switches provide unprecedented flexibility in protocol processing without compromising speed. XPliant Packet Architecture (XPA™) allows programming of every element of switch packet processing. Cavium™ / XPliant provides a complete set of networking protocols with the switch. However, as new protocols are required, the switch can be updated by software to add support for these new protocols, including changes to parsing, lookups, traffic scheduling, packet modification, scheduling, and traffic monitoring. The CNX880XX with XPA is the first switch that can do this – and it provides industry leading processing at up to 3.2 Terabits per second.

With the immense growth in mobile devices, video, and private and public clouds, the pace of networking innovation is increasing. Software Defined Networks (SDNs) and other innovations are rapidly evolving to meet this challenge, but require the introduction of new protocols. Traditional merchant switch silicon with FIXED architectures need to be re-engineered to support new protocols, resulting in switches that lag 3 to 4 years behind the requirements. XPA allows XPliant switch silicon to gain new features in place, without even removing the cables from the installed switch. An example of a new requirement is VXLAN – which became a requirement for SDN overlays. New switch silicon needed to be developed to support VXLAN – obsoleting existing switches and requiring the purchase new switches to implement the new feature. The latest feature required is GENEVE – which the XPliant team has already added to the CNX880XX.

Target Applications

  • Switch Configurations
  •     - Fixed format Top-of-Rack
        - Fixed format or modular SPINE
        - Modular End-of-Row system
        - Fixed format or modular aggregation switch

  • Data Center Applications
  •     - Flow filtering & classification
        - OpenFlow switch
        - Traffic tapping & monitoring

  • Modular chassis embedded connectivity
  •     - Packet based switching fabric


  • 3.2 Terabits per second capacity
  • 128 field proven 25G SERDES
  • XPliant Packet Architecture (XPA) – Fully flexible software defined packet processing
  • Support of 25G Ethernet Consortium specification – 25G on a single lane
  • Best in class table capacity
  • Configurable, flexible multipurpose counters
  • Virtual interfaces based architecture
  • Integrated, configurable traffic management
  • Host CPU interface


  • Market leading throughput and scale enables cost & power effective switch solution for the most demanding Data Center needs.
  • Powerful building block for even larger Ethernet switching systems
  • XPA allows new features to be added – enabling longer switch life-cycles and avoiding fork-lift upgrades
  • System vendors can provide unique data-plane features to their markets
  • XPA switch can interoperate with proprietary or legacy system headers
  • One switch model can adapt to multiple use-cases via software profile updates
  • Large, adaptable packet memory can handle challenging, bursty environments.
  • Shared SRAM table space can be flexibly partitioned for MAC addresses, IP addresses or other needs, allowing extended capacity for each use-case
  • Support of 25G Ethernet Consortium specification – 25G on a single lane
  • Cost effectively update endpoints from 10G to 25G or 50G
  • Cost-effective support of 40G and 100G

Product Information

XPliant switch software development kit Diagram

Part Number IO Throughput 1/10GE ports 25GE ports 40/50GE ports* 40GE ports** 100GE ports SERDES


3.20 Tbps 128 128


32 32 128x25G
CNX88072 1.72 Tbps 72 72 36 18 18 72x25G
CNX88071 1.28 Tbps 128 n/a n/a 32 n/a 128x10G
CNX88061 1.08 Tbps 72 24 12 24 6 48x10G+24x25G
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XPliant Product Brief

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